When it comes to home maintenance, one area that is frequently overlooked is drain cleaning. Why is drain cleaning important? Drain cleaning is an important task because plumbing issues usually do not just happen overnight.

A person may feel like their drains were fine one day and then completely clogged and back up the next, but this is not usually how it works. Clogs in the drain typically start when something was put down the drain or flushed. Over time, the clog grows until the problem is bad enough that the homeowner notices a plumbing issue.

By having the drains cleaned on a regular schedule, a person can avoid most of those surprise plumbing problems. Mister Quik is a company that offers drain cleaning services in Greenfield, IN, as well as HVAC repair and installation, duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, sewer line inspection, and much more.

Cleaning the Drains on a Schedule

Just as a person schedules a deep, thorough cleaning of their home, they also need to schedule a professional cleaning of their drains. Drain cleaning services should be scheduled with a professional plumbing company at least every eighteen months. A Mister Quik technician will closely examine the drains and clean them.

At the visit, the technician will remove any clogs that have started in the drain. They will also remove any gunk that has built up on the inside of the drain pipes. Lastly, the technician can inspect the exterior sewer lines and ensure that everything is in tip-top shape.

Avoid Store-Bought Drain Cleaners

Commercials for over-the-counter store-bought cleaners make it seem like these products are all that is needed to keep drains, pipes, and sewer lines clear. Homeowners should avoid this type of product at all costs. These products contain dangerous chemicals that harm both the environment and the pipes.

For a safe and effective drain cleaning, give Mister Quik a call today. Mister Quik’s expertly trained technicians have the tools needed and the knowledge to clean the drains. Unlike those harsh store-bought chemicals, Mister Quik’s technicians will not harm the pipes.

How Clogs Form

Many people are unsure as to how clogs form in their pipes, drains, and toilets. All it takes is for something that should not be going down the drain to be put into the plumbing system. The following are the most commonly seen culprits behind clogged drains in Greenfield, IN:

Many people grew up in a household that put grease or food down the sink. This is a big no-no. Always dump grease and leftovers into the trash, and avoid putting them down the drain.

The same goes for paper products, bathroom wipes, and feminine products. In the past, people may have thought that one could flush almost anything down the toilet and it would be okay. The truth is that these items are famous for clogging plumbing systems and causing pricey repairs.

Mister Quik’s Approach to Greenfield Drain Cleaning

How do Miser Quik technicians work their plumbing magic? The secret is they have state-of-the-art plumbing tools, years of experience, and even cameras that go down the drains to give them a live view of what is going on in the pipes.

Step one is diagnosing the plumbing problem. In step two, the technician will inform the customer of the culprit and go over the repair plan and cost. Once the customer is happy with the plan, the technician will move onto step three: repairing the plumbing.

Mister Quik Inspects Sewer Lines in Greenfield, IN

Sometimes the problem may not be the plumbing in the home but, instead, be an issue with the exterior sewer lines. Sewer lines carry waste and wastewater from homes to the city sewer or a home’s septic system. Sewer lines are supposed to be sloped downward so gravity can help move the water and waste.

Just as the plumbing in the home can clog, the sewer lines can clog as well. Sewer lines are only four to six inches in diameter. These lines can clog, crack, or even sink. However, the Mister Quik team is trained and experienced in inspecting, repairing, and replacing sewer lines in Greenfield, IN.

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With Mister Quik, our customers are number one. Those needing their drains cleaned, unclogged, or replaced can give us a call. Our friendly technicians will get the plumbing repaired and the water flowing again in no time!

Mister Quik’s technicians are armed and ready to take on any clogged or sluggish drain or clog for only $99!