When a furnace makes unusual sounds, behaves oddly, or you notice a strange odor near heating equipment, the system probably needs to be repaired. If you ignore these signs of trouble, it is unlikely that the furnace will work the way it should when you need it the most.

Winter in Greenwood, Indiana, is icy, so don’t wait until the temperatures begin to drop to get help. As soon as you notice problems, schedule an appointment with local heating professionals who are committed to your comfort and improving your home’s air quality.

The Mister Quik Home Services team has years of experience with furnace repair and installation. Our technicians are industry veterans certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. We understand how essential a furnace is to Greenwood residents during the winter and also know that replacing heating equipment can be expensive. You can trust Mr. Quik Home Services to do everything possible to return your heating system to proper working order in the shortest possible time.

Signs That a Furnace Needs to Be Repaired

You might be wondering how to tell whether your heating equipment is behaving normally or there are problems. Fortunately, you can use a few professional tips to determine whether it’s time to call professionals. Signs of trouble include:

  1. Unusual Smells

Several problems could cause a furnace to produce strange odors. Too much dust can be a contributor, or the system might also be leaking natural gas. A gas leak is a severe issue that is a health risk.

Regardless of the reason for furnace odors, it is critical to call professionals who can locate the source. If you notice unusual smells after your furnace is running, call Mr. Quik Home Services immediately and schedule service.

  1. Loud or Unusual Sounds

If you notice your furnace is making squealing, banging, whistling, or other noises, a professional should inspect the system. Odd sounds can mean there are problems with a fan, belt, or other heating system components. Be prepared to describe the sounds you are hearing when calling a heating technician. That helps them quickly narrow down the source of the problem.

  1. Rising Energy Bills

When your energy bill becomes abnormally high, it can point to furnace problems. It might also indicate very low furnace energy efficiency or mean that equipment is working harder than usual to keep your home warm. The Mr. Quik Home Services team can provide solutions to this problem. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your heating system and discuss the required next steps.

  1. Power Problems

Your furnace must remain on to keep your home warm. If equipment will not stay on or constantly power cycles, there could be a wiring problem or issues with other electrical components and mean you need professional help.

  1. A Poorly Heated Home

When a furnace does not produce heat or heat the home evenly, there is a problem. Heating issues might indicate a ductwork leak or mean the thermostat and furnace are not communicating properly. Regardless of the cause, you can call Mr. Quik Home Services and have our specialists fix the problem to ensure your home is warm again.

  1. The Carbon Monoxide Alarm Goes Off

When your carbon monoxide detector’s alarm sounds, take it seriously. Immediately turn off the furnace and open all of your windows. Also, if the carbon monoxide detector near your furnace goes off, call for professional help as soon as possible. A carbon monoxide leak can quickly become deadly and needs to be addressed immediately.

Furnace Repairs with Mr. Quik Home Services

When you need fast, efficient, expert furnace repair, call Mr. Quik Home Services. Our team of experienced technicians is trained and certified to identify and resolve any furnace problem you might have.

Our team understands that furnace repairs can be expensive, causing some Greenwood residents to wait for furnace repairs. But, Mr. Quik offers competitive financing options so you don’t have to wait. Instead, you can have your repairs completed, enjoy a warm, cozy home, and break repair costs into affordable monthly payments.

Call Mr. Quik Home Services to get fast help and we will schedule an appointment as soon as possible.