Most people enjoy being inside and spending most of their time in their homes. Some people work from home, while others enjoy spending their personal time relaxing indoors, watching TV, or spending time with family. Regardless of the amount of time spent at home, ensuring optimum air quality is important. Excellent air quality is crucial for the at-risk population, such as the elderly and those with respiratory diseases. However, ensuring comfort for all residents and guests of the home is also important.

The first step in creating a positive air quality is installing a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system. This filtration system should be installed and maintained by a professional HVAC technician to ensure proper maintenance and usage. Mister Quik has the personnel and resources to assist you with your HEPA filter installation, replacement, and disposal in Fishers, IN. Our team of knowledgeable and insured HVAC technicians will provide top-quality service at your home. If you are seeking to improve your home’s air quality, turn to Mister Quick.

Why Choose a HEPA Filter?

Each household in Fishers, IN, has different needs, and the HVAC unit is no exception to that. All HVAC systems require filter installation, but not all filtration systems are created equally. Minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) is the measurement used for the effectiveness of a filter. The higher the MERV, the more air particles it will catch.

Most consumers choose a standard 1″ filter that must be replaced every 30 days. The MERV of this type of filter ranges between 5 and 9. This range indicates that the filter will most likely catch large particles, but many will escape filtration and pollute the household air with dust, pollen, mold spore, and much more.

There are more effective filters to choose from with a higher MERV score. The most effective is the HEPA filters. These filters trap 99.97% of all airborne particles that pass through. Because of this high percentage of filtration, hospitals and labs choose this type of system. HEPA filters are the most effective, providing unbeatable protection.

Why You Need a HEPA Air Filter

To utilize a HEPA filtration system, modifications will likely need to be made to the existing HVAC unit to accommodate the large filter. This modification can be complicated, so it is best to use a professional HVAC technician. The extra expense is worth the money. If a resident of your home or the house falls into one of the following categories, the HEPA system will be the most beneficial for you.

HEPA filters will not guarantee that all of these problems will be rectified, but they can help create a solution. By improving the quality of air the residents of the house can live and rest comfortably. Contact Mister Quik in Fishers, IN, for more information about HEPA filters and how they will benefit you.

HEPA Filter Replacement

A vital part of maintaining an HVAC unit is the replacement of air filters. If filters are not replaced, particles can not pass through, causing clogs that will result in excessive strain on the HVAC system. This strain negatively affects the reliability and durability of the until while allowing polluted air to enter your house. By replacing HVAC filters regularly, this strain will be eliminated.

HEPA filters are denser than standard filters, which means that it is more difficult for air to pass through them, so the filters must be clean to produce the needed air for heating and cooling. Following the manufacturer’s recommendation and instructions can ensure that your system is in top-notch shape.

Regular filter replacement will improve the indoor air quality and the efficiency of the heating and cooling system. The air quality can be considered the largest benefit to replacement filters. Dirty and clogged filters cause numerous problems and are much like not having a filter at all. The clean filter will ensure that the home reaches and stays at the desired temperature with ease.

Locating a Local and Reliable HVAC Technician for HEPA Filter Replacement in Fishers, IN

If you have questions about the HEPA filtration system in Fishers, IN, or if you are ready to schedule your initial installation or replacement, then contact our team of experts at Mister Quik Home Services. Our knowledgeable staff will ensure your filter is functioning right so that you can breathe easily.