So many of life’s little pleasures rely on easy access to hot water. People use it to brew the perfect cup of coffee in the morning, take a relaxing bath after a hard day, and ensure their families can stay clean and safe. At this point, it’s difficult to imagine what life would be like without it.

Despite the valuable role hot water plays in modern home lives, property owners give surprisingly little thought to their water heaters. These modern marvels of household appliances provide hot water on demand for a wide range of household uses, but even well-designed models sometimes break down.

Common Problems with Modern Water Heaters

Water heater repair technicians have seen it all when it comes to problems. That said, there are a few issues that just about every water heater will have at some point. Let’s break down the most common water heater malfunctions and how they can be repaired.

Insufficient Heat

Water heaters need a constant supply of energy, either in the form of electricity or fuel, to generate hot water. Homeowners should check for minor problems like tripped circuit breakers before calling for repairs. If the underlying problem is less obvious, a professional repair technician should still be able to identify and repair it quickly.

Excessive Heat

If the water coming out of the faucets is too hot, it can pose an equally serious problem. Water that’s too hot can even be dangerous, especially if there are young children or frail elderly people living in the home. Homeowners can usually resolve this problem themselves by checking the thermostat. Make sure it’s set to around 120 degrees to ensure sufficient heat without creating a risk of scalding.

Oddly Colored Water

Is the water coming out of the faucets or shower a rusty red color? If so, that’s cause for concern. The water coming from all the home’s taps should be clear. If it’s red, orange, or brown, that usually means there’s corrosion occurring somewhere in the system. It could be originating in the pipes, or it could be coming from the water heater itself. Either way, it’s best to call a professional to identify the problem and stop it at its source.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a common problem that can have several underlying causes. If it’s only an issue when residents try to use hot water, though, there’s one particular issue that’s usually to blame: hard water. Fisher is known for its hard water that contains high concentrations of minerals. Over time, they can build up on the insides of pipes and reduce water flow. Speak with a technician about potential solutions like installing whole-home water softeners.

Unusual Noises

Water heaters that are operating efficiently should produce little to no sound. If residents start noticing screeching or popping noises every time they walk by their water heater, the chances are good it’s not a ghost. It’s hard water wreaking havoc on the water heater.

The same mineral deposits that can build up inside hot water pipes and cause pressure problems can also build up inside of a water heater’s holding tank. As the mineral debris gets heated up, it creates loud, popping sounds.

Don’t assume that because those seemingly supernatural sounds have an earthly explanation it means they’re nothing to worry about. If left unaddressed, mineral build-up inside a water heater can cause other issues. Call for water heater repairs immediately to avoid any serious safety risk.

Noticeable Leaks

Most homeowners know that they should be alarmed when they see pooling water beneath pipes, even if they don’t know anything about plumbing. Apply that same logic to the water heater. If there are visible leaks, it’s time to take action. Short-term fixes like tightening loose valves and gaskets can help, but a repair technician should still inspect the system to make sure there are no larger problems going unaddressed.

Water Heater Replacements

Every homeowner wants to get the most out of his or her investments, but sometimes, it’s not worth repairing an older water heater. A good repair technician will always perform a full inspection prior to suggesting solutions. If the water heater is experiencing excessive wear or has substantial underlying problems, it may be better to replace it now than to keep making repairs.

Call Mister Quik

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