Back in the Old West, when people wanted to take a hot bath they had to build a fire and grab a large pot. In many parts of the world today, this is still done. But, for those living in Fishers, IN, there’s more than likely a water heater being used to help them bathe.

Not all the machines in the modern home have titles that describe their function, but this is not so with a water heater. A water heater does just that: it heats the water. Water heaters increase the temperature of tap water so it can be applied to tasks such as laundering clothes, cleaning dishes, and taking a hot bath or shower.

Today, you’ll learn about the different types of water heaters and how they work. You’ll also learn who to call for a quality water heater installation.

Are There Many Different Types of Water Heaters

There are, in fact, several different types of water heaters designed to suit a variety of needs, including a home’s location and resident’s lifestyle. 

Conventional Storage Water Heater

The most common types of water heater are the ones most people are already familiar with: the conventional storage-tank water heater. This type of water heater is reliable and bulky. It has a large tank that takes up a lot of space, usually inside of the closet or similar space. The way it works is by preheating water and storing it in the tank, where it then flows to the tap any time someone turns on hot water.

Although conventional water heaters are tried, true, and usually convenient, they also have a certain number of cons. They operate by constantly reheating the water in the storage tank, so they’re not as efficient as some of their competitors. Additionally, the conventional water heater can only supply what’s in the tank, meaning that, once the hot water has run out, it takes quite a while for additional hot water to become available again.

Tankless Water Heater

Just like the title says, tankless water heaters don’t have a storage tank like conventional water heaters do. They instead have a series of extremely hot coils that heat water virtually instantly whenever hot water is turned on at the tap. Once the water becomes hot, the supply is virtually endless. Tankless water heaters offer superior performance and efficiency over conventional heaters.

Tankless water heaters are generally considered to be the ideal type of water heater for homes in Indiana because they run on natural gas. In Fishers, around seventy percent of homes are supplied with natural gas as their primary energy source.

Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters

Another energy-efficient type of water heater is the electric heat pump water heater. This type of heater uses heat from the ground and from the air that is drawn into heat water. As the heat from the ground and air is drawn in, the system amplifies it. These water heaters are designed for areas where it’s warm outside all year, so they may not the best choice for water heater installations in the area.

What Kind of Water Heater Does My House Need

It’s challenging to figure out what kind of water heater is best for your house and lifestyle because the answer is different for every person. The best thing to do is work with a trusted professional to decide which system is ideal for your circumstances.

A certified professional in the plumbing industry will ask what your primary energy source is before making suggestions. They can help you choose a unit that is most suited to your existing power sources.

Who Should I Install a Water Heater in Fishers

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