A plumbing problem is likely one of the worst issues a homeowner can face. These types of issues can range from an inconvenience to an emergency that requires fast help. That’s why the technicians at Mister Quik Home Services are ready to help the community with service that is both fast and friendly.

When homeowners are in need of a plumber in the Fishers area, Mister Quik Home Services is just one phone call away. We provide a team of experienced specialists who can help with any plumbing issues. Below are some of the plumbing issues we run into more frequently and information about the service we offer to repair them.

Detection and Repair of Slab Leaks

Leaks that occur in water lines below the home’s foundation are called slab leaks. These pipes are often made from copper and leaks can be difficult to find and repair. Look out for warning signs like these:

If any of these issues are noticed, call Mister Quik Home Services immediately. A plumber can inspect the damage and determine if there is a slab leak. Any repairs done are covered by our SHAPE plan with a five-year warranty.

Inspections, Repairs, and Installations for Plumbing

The plumbing system is incredibly intricate, so it needs to be in good shape to work properly. Our team performs inspections to help spot issues early, which can help you save money later. We can also do any repairs or new installations on your schedule and at a fair price. There isn’t much that’s worse than a plumbing emergency, which is why it’s so important to have regular maintenance and small repairs are done when they’re needed.

Repair and Installation for Toilets and Faucets

Common toilet issues include low water levels, no flushing, overflowing, or leaks. If anything is not right with the way the toilet functions, it’s important to call Mister Quik Home Services now and avoid a bigger problem later.

In faucets, issues can include reduced water pressure, dripping, or discolored water. Our team can figure out what is causing the issue and do any repairs or replacements. We do repairs and replacements for a great price, so you don’t have to wait and save up.

Installation and Repair of Water Heaters

If a water heater isn’t working, it can be a nuisance. When the heat of the water fluctuates or it’s not possible to get hot water, the water heater is the likely cause. Our team can determine if the water heater can be fixed or if a replacement is a better option. When a replacement is needed, we offer extended warranties on trusted water heater brands, and we offer both tank and tankless options.

Help With Softeners, Filtration, or Reverse Osmosis

Over time, hard water tends to corrode pipes and cause the plumbing system to degrade quickly. Water softeners or reverse osmosis can help soften the water by removing contaminants, which can prevent damage to the pipes. This also has benefits for your skin and clothing.

Maintenance and Repair of Pipes

In Fishers, frozen pipes can be common during the winter months. By freezing and thawing the pipes, it’s possible for damage like ruptures to occur, and when they do, they can cause a significant amount of damage to the home. When repiping is needed, Mister Quik Home Services can do the job right.

Repairs for Sump Pumps, Sewers, and Wells

Sump pumps, sewage system, and wells are all commonly used in Fishers, but many homeowners don’t know much about these systems. Our team of professionals can do an inspection and handle necessary repairs if there are any leaks or strange smells in or around the home.

Repair and Cleaning for Drains

Drain clogs can cause further issues and are a pain to deal with. Our team can help with cleaning the drains, repairing or replacing damaged drains, the installation of new drains or drain pipes, and more. We can use camera inspection technology to quickly diagnose the drain issue and then efficiently fix it before it gets worse.

Get Professional Help Fast

Whenever home plumbing repairs are needed, the team at Mister Quik can help. Contact us today if you’ve noticed any issues with the plumbing in your home or if you’re ready to have an inspection done so you can make sure everything continues to work properly. Our expert team will make sure all of the plumbing in your home is working properly.