HVAC reliability and efficiency are considered top priorities for most people. An efficient system has many benefits, including lower energy costs and eco-friendly advantages. Duct sealing is a viable solution to ensure that the home’s heating and cooling system is working efficiently. If you are in Fishers, IN, call Mister Quik Home Services to assist with HVAC repairs and services.

We can perform duct sealing services to safeguard against leaks that cause hot and cold air to escape. Our knowledgeable technicians have the training and experience to detect and repair leaks that are found within your ductwork. Mister Quik Home Services is committed to customer service, so we do not consider the job until customer satisfaction is achieved.

What is Duct Sealing?

HVAC units use the ductwork system to transport and circulate warm and cool air throughout the home. It is normal for a small about of energy to be lost as the air travels through the duct system. However, the majority of the air does not exist until it reaches the register at the end. When leaks in the ductwork cause an excessive air leakage before reaching the register, the HVAC unit has to work harder to reach the desired temperature. This type of leak can also disrupt the temperature of the rooms where the leak is located.

Duct sealing will ensure that unintentional heating and cooling of rooms will be eliminated. Many people attempt to locate and repair leaks using duct tape, but it is unlikely that every leak is found. Duct tape is not a viable long-term solution as it fails to work and quickly causes the leaks to reemerge, enabling cooling and heating problems to resurface. These problems will not only be time-consuming but also costly to repair without a professional.

How Duct Sealing Works

In the past, the optimal solution to sealing leaks was to use a thick, sticky substance called duct mastic. This substance hardened over leaks as it dried to prevent further air leakage. Here at Mister Quik in Fishers, IN, we use a more effective product known as Aeroseal. Before the sealing process can begin, the entire duct system must be cleaned by the technicians at Mister Quik. Once the cleaning process is complete, the registers will be sealed to perform a diagnostic leak test.

Once leaks are detected, fans, coils, and furnaces are sealed to prevent the escape of aerosol into the HVAC system. Once the aerosol has been injected into the duct system, air circulation will disperse the liquid throughout the system, collecting in the cracks and holes and creating a permanent seal. The process can be complete in a few hours with little to no mess. Immediate improvements will be noticed, including heating and cooling and reduced utility costs.

Advantages to Duct Sealing

The investment into ductwork sealing will have long-term benefits and advantages. These advantages can translate into the future resale value and sustainability of the house. The comfort of the home decreased costs, and increased air quality is a few examples. Below is an in-depth explanation of these advantages.

If you have noticed problems with your HVAC system, action must be taken. Contacting a professional to inspect your system should happen quickly. Once you have decided to seek the advice of a professional for duct sealing services in Fishers, IN, contact Mister Quik Home Services. Our professional technicians will make your project a priority and ensure quick and thorough service.