Don’t Say Goodbye to Your Yard Just Yet!


Early Fall Landscape Tips

Do a walkthrough around your yard and look for signs of trouble. Water where needed, knock out weeds and treat pests like bugs and moles. Some people use late summer and early fall as a time to plant hearty shrubs that can withstand both hot and cold weather. Your local nursery or garden center can help you pick the right plants.

While you’re there, pick up fertilizer to help prepare your grass for cooler temperatures. And it may sound silly, but make sure you’re mowing the right way. Adjust mower settings so that you aren’t cutting grass blades too low to the ground.

Check your exterior lighting fixtures and consider replacing old incandescent light bulbs with more energy efficient types. You can find compact fluorescents (CFLs) designed specifically for outdoor applications.


There are many flowers that bloom in fall. So it’s a good idea to plant them in late summer when they’re available for purchase. Look for autumn crocus, winter daffodil, old-fashioned mums and other fall-blooming bulbs for sale at the store or online.

For popular spring bloomers like tulips, plant bulbs in the fall. If you buy them early, it is necessary to chill them before putting them in the ground. Do this by keeping them in the bottom of your refrigerator for about two months before planting.


With kids back to school, summer break is over for lots of houseplants, too. When nights begin to cool to about 60 degrees, it will be time to move a lot of these plants indoors. Be sure to check your pots for mold, and look at the soil and plants themselves for evidence of bugs and other pests.

Make sure the areas inside where your houseplants will live for winter are easy to access, get lots of sunlight and aren’t chilled with blustery drafts or blasted with heat from air vents.


Now is the time to harvest those vegetables you’ve been growing all summer long. Pluck items like tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers and peppers a day or two before you plan to eat them. If you have too many vegetables left over in your garden, share them with family and friends so they don’t go to waste.

In September, the soil is still warm enough to start seed planting a few crops to harvest later. Look for Hi Keeper onions, spring cabbage and winter lettuce varieties.


Landscape Lighting

We’ve still got plenty of warm days and nice nights ahead, so don’t let water collect in flower pots, birdbaths and other places around your yard. Mosquitoes are still out biting and standing water is where they love to lay their eggs. Use bug spray and citronella candles if you plan on enjoying evenings outside.

Need Outdoor Lighting…Ask Mister Quik!

Speaking of outdoor entertainment, could your yard benefit from some added ambience once the sun starts to set? Contact Mister Quik to learn more about our professional exterior lighting installations. Exterior lights provide a great way to enhance landscaping and add curb appeal, and also provide extra home security. Mister Quik’s expert electricians can illuminate your outdoor spaces in no time.

Fall doesn’t have to mean the end of a colorful yard. Keep your lawn and garden looking great all autumn long with these tips, and feel free to share more of your own with us!