Electronic Protection

Think about all of the electronics in your house. Your list may look like mine:

  • Television
  • Cable Box
  • Internet Router
  • Refrigerator
  • Computer(s)
  • Stovetop
  • Telephone
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Security System
  • Microwave
  • Gaming Systems (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, etc.)
  • [Insert favorite electronic NOT found on my list]


Now, think about how much money you’ve spent on your electronic collection. Even when bought used, this collection can come with a pretty steep price tag. Am I right?

Could you imagine if something were to happen to even a fraction of your collection? You would be inconvenienced immediately (oh, I know how much you use those things!). You would also be out of quite a bit of money. These are things that no one needs in their life!
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to put a jinx on your electronics at all, but I am being practical. Mayhem can happen, especially when Mother Nature sticks her nose into situations.

The Reality:

Springtime is knocking at our door and she’s bringing her friend, Springtime Thunderstorms. If you go through your thunderstorm checklist, you’d think you’re prepared! You’ve got your umbrella, rain boots, rain jacket, and your thunder buddy…

But electronic protection from lightning can be a very important point that people skip over on their checklist. Listen! I’m trying to save your collection!

When the thunderstorms roll in, lightning can strike anywhere. More times than not, lightning hits a high point like a rooftop of a house. When this extra charge come through your house, it backfires the electric currents running to your electronics creating “The Perfect Storm for Electronic Collection Death.” Almost as scary as the thunder that you need your thunder buddy for! Almost….

One of our customers recently had this happen to him, but he prevented the mass homicide of his electronic collection with this thing:

Electronic Protection PowerWorx E-3 | Prolong the life of your electronics; Can prevent thousands of dollars worth of damage; Backed by a Whole House Electronic Insurance Policy for up to $25,000; 10 year manufacturer's warranty with the predicted ability to last up to 20 years maintenance free

It’s called PowerwoRx—e3. The PowerwoRx—e3 shown above demonstrates multiple scorch marks from the damage that the electrical current could have done to his electronics. Instead, he had this system installed in anticipation of “The Perfect Storm for Electronic Collection Death.” The PowerwoRX—e3 sacrifices itself so that the surge of electrical current does not reach your electronic equipment. Not only does it protect his electronics from a lightning storm, but it fights against the power companies’ daily spikes and surges (can protect against hundreds per day, which causes your electronics to live an even longer life!).

Please take the time to review your springtime thunderstorm checklist and consider putting PowerwoRX—e3 at the top (well, maybe just below your thunder buddy). The benefits are amazing and you’ll have peace of mind that your electronic collection will be in full force through any electrical surge/spike.