Cooling Your Home with Geothermal

Chances are, you have heard of geothermal cooling & heating before. But there is also a good chance you don’t much about these systems and how they operate. Did you know that Mister Quik offers customizable geothermal solutions? With central Indiana getting ever closer to the summer season, we want to share with you a little bit about geothermal cooling, and how your home can benefit from a geothermal system of its own.


So what exactly is geothermal?


Geothermal systems use the earth to cool and heat a home. They do this by drawing the earth’s natural underground heat into the home during winter, and extracting that heat and cooling the home in summertime. Geothermal heat pumps are designed especially to aid in this process. Since temperatures in the ground remain a constant 50 to 70 degrees all year long, geothermal systems are among the most affordable and efficient ways to cool and heat a home.  Does that help explain?


But just how cool can my home actually get in the summer?


In addition to the heat pump – which despite its name, pumps warm and cool air throughout a home – Mister Quik installs a geothermal loop underground on your property. Water-based loops use water sources like ponds or wells. Waterless loops rely on refrigerant. Both systems work the same, by pulling warm air away from the home through a long series of coils and into the earth, which naturally absorbs it without any cost to you. Some geothermal systems can even reroute this warm air for use in a home’s water heater.  By now, you can understand why geothermal cooling & heating systems are so efficient.


Does my home have enough space or the right property features for a geothermal system to work?


Thanks to innovative technology and versatile designs, Mister Quik has a system that fits perfectly for you! Big yards, small yards, yards with and without ponds or existing wells – we can design a geothermal system to provide you 365 continuous days of comfort, year after efficient year. Contact us today for simple, friendly answers to all of your geothermal questions.


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If this is the year you plan to replace your aging central air conditioner, consider upgrading to a geothermal system from Mister Quik.