Clogged toilet? No problem!

It’s a terrifying experience. Especially if you’re on a first date or your first day at a new job. But if it happens to you, try these different unclogging methods and steps so you can walk out of the bathroom worry free.

  1. Don’t flush twice!If you have a clogged toilet, flushing twice could cause the toilet to overflow. Before you reach for the plunger, remove the toilet tank lid and close the flapper. This will stop water from entering the bowl. Don’t know what a flapper looks like? Just look for a chain and follow it all the way down. The flapper is at the bottom of the chain. Also, if you can, turn off the water supply. It’s usually located underneath the tank and behind the toilet.
  2. Clear any obstructionBefore you try to plunge it out, if you know what’s clogging the toilet, like a child’s toy, reach in with your hand and remove it.
  3. Treat Yourself (to a nice plunger) Make sure to get a high-quality plunger that’s made for toilets. You want to look for a fold-out rubber flange at the bottom that forms a strong seal when you use it.To start plunging, make sure the plunger completely covers the entire hole and is submerged in water. Start slowly at first so that air is pushed into the bowl. Push down and then up to open the clog and loosen it. Push and pull until the water starts to drain. This could take up to 20 times before the toilet completely unclogs.If you’ve tried everything, and still no luck, schedule an appointment with Mr. Quik. We will help ease your mind on this hassle we’ve all dealt with.