Certain systems and components are essential to your home. The plumbing and electrical systems help foster your daily life while your home’s lighting goes a long way toward preventing eye strain and making life after dark a bit simpler and less dangerous. Of course, your HVAC system is also crucial. Your air conditioning keeps your home cool and dry during the summer while the furnace protects your family from the cold during the winter months. Though many would say both are vital these days, some might argue that the heat is the most essential of all.

When It’s Time to Replace the Furnace

At Mister Quik Home Services, we know how important your home heating system is to your family’s health and comfort. Here in Camby, being safeguarded against the cold and wind of our harsh winters is a necessity. While your furnace is designed to serve you well for several years, it won’t last forever. When the time comes to replace it, our furnace experts are here to help. Our technicians have extensive training and experience, and they’re dedicated to making sure you have the right furnace for your home. Contact us to schedule a furnace replacement appointment, and let us help you stay warm even when your home heating system outlives its usefulness.

How Long Should a Furnace Last?

In general, furnaces tend to last about ten years before they start causing more problems than they prevent. If you’re diligent about having annual maintenance carried out, you may be able to get fifteen or twenty years out of a furnace before it needs to be replaced. Still, if your existing furnace is ten years old or more or you aren’t sure how old it is, it’s time to at least start thinking about and planning for a replacement.

How Do I Know If It’s Time to Replace My Furnace?

Deciding whether your furnace needs general repairs or a tune-up or it’s on its last leg isn’t always easy. After all, many of the warning signs of a failing heating system are also indications that it just needs a little extra attention. Certain issues can let you know it’s time to have us take a look at your furnace to determine just how much of a toll time has taken on it.

If your furnace is rattling, squeaking, clanking, or banging while it’s running, those strange noises are certainly signs that something is wrong. Burning smells and other odd odors coming from the system may also indicate that the end is near. When your furnace stops heating your home evenly and consistently or fails to produce heat altogether, those are also symptoms of a dying heating system. In the event your winter utility bills are soaring to entirely new heights, your furnace may not be working as efficiently and effectively as it once did.

All those issues are clear indications that you need to contact us for help. Our furnace experts can inspect your system and let you know if repairs will suffice. If your heating system is beyond repair, we can help you choose a new, more efficient alternative that’ll be more capable of meeting your heating needs.

What Types of Furnaces Are Available?

Numerous types of home heating systems are on the market right now, including several types of ducted furnaces. A couple of the most popular are gas and electric furnaces. Gas furnaces tend to cost more upfront, but they often operate more efficiently than other options. On the other hand, electric furnaces are less expensive to purchase though they don’t heat quite as efficiently.

If you don’t have a natural gas line running to your home but you’d like to take advantage of the benefits of gas heat, a propane furnace could be a good solution. You can have a propane tank installed on your property. One of the main problems with these types of furnaces is remembering to have the propane tank filled before it runs out. Geothermal and solar furnaces are also available. These certainly cost more to purchase and install, but they’re far less expensive to operate in the long run.

Expert Furnace Replacement Services to Keep Your Home Warm

There’s no doubt that your heating system is one of the most important features of your home. This becomes painfully obvious when winter rolls into Camby and the surrounding areas. Our furnace experts are here to help make sure your family stays warm no matter what the weather is like, though. If you think it may be time to replace your furnace, don’t hesitate to contact us for help.