Hot water is a luxury that many people take for granted until something goes wrong and all that’s coming out of the tap is cold water. This usually happens at the absolute worst time, resulting in a cold bath or shower before work. It’s one way to wake you up for the day!

Only having access to cold water can completely disrupt your way of living. That’s why our trusted engineers at Mister Quik are on hand to carry out water heater repairs in Avon. This quick read will talk about a few common water-related problems and how we can help.

The Common Culprits

Sometimes it can be hard to know what the problem is, but often there are tell-tale signs that you can be on the lookout for that might indicate a problem.

Unwanted Cold Water

Coldwater is welcomed when you require it. But if you’re asking for hot water and your tap is giving you cold, there’s something wrong. Only having access to cold water to have a shower or bath makes things impossible, unless you like an ice-cold shower to start the day. 

The energy source or a broken connection is often the cause. Our trusted experts at Mister Quik can be on the scene in no time to give you running hot water again.

Funky Colored Water

If the water coming out of your taps is anything but clear and fresh looking, there’s something wrong with it. When an issue arises with your water heater, sometimes it can turn the water a murky color, even brown in some cases. Brown or red water is often a sign of corrosion.

Low Water Pressure

A very common water-related problem in households is low pressure. Perhaps even more annoying than cold water is having a low water pressure that only produces a trickle of water. It’s not convenient when trying to have a shower!

In Avon, low water pressure can often be due to a build-up of minerals around the faucet and pipes, causing a reduction in water flow. 

Strange Smells and Noises

In an ideal world, your water heater will be hidden away in the attic or basement, and you won’t hear a peep out of it. So if you begin to notice strange sounds, such as whirring or ticking noises, it will be a sign your water heater isn’t working properly. 

If you notice a strange smell it could be due to an electrical problem causing parts to overheat. Or, it could be due to leaking water over time that’s now causing a build-up of mold. Leaks can cause big problems if left alone.

Those Pesky Leaks

Leaks are worth speaking about a little bit more. Often, homeowners will tend to turn a blind eye to a leak that’s no more than a drop every so often. But this drop every so often is something that shouldn’t be happening and can be a sign of a bigger problem to come.

If a malfunctioning pipe is left for a long time, it will become prone to bursting, causing a huge leak in your home that may cause damage to the rest of your home, not just the heater.

A Completely Broken Water Heater

Most of the time, a broken water heater can be repaired with a simple fix by one of our trusted engineers at Mister Quik. However, there are times when a quick fix isn’t the answer, especially for old water heaters.

If you do require a new water heater in Avon, Mister Quik is on hand to help. We can help you select the best water heater for your home and carry out a hassle-free installation. What’s more, we offer a 15-year guarantee once your water heater is installed to give you some peace of mind.

Unexpected Bill Increases

If you notice that your water or heating bills have gone up by more than they should have recently, it’s perhaps due to a fault that might not necessarily be giving you any signs. Your water heater might be working double as much as it should be, meaning you’re noticing an increase in the water and heating bills.

Call Mister Quik in Avon for Your Water Heater Repair

Hopefully, the issue you’re experiencing is one that we can repair. Our fully trained and professional engineers can rapidly diagnose and fix all water heater issues.

So, if you’ve woke up and have had to suffer through a cold shower or can’t even make a nice hot cup of coffee to start your day, call our experts at Mister Quik in Avon to book in for your repair.