Anyone who has lived through Avon, Indiana winters, knows the air can get dry and uncomfortable. A humidifier can make the air better and prevent chapped skin, damage to furniture, and dry air-loving viruses. Most homes have at least one portable humidifier running all the time during dry winter months. They are a real pain to clean and maintain. Portable humidifiers only work in one room, so the homeowners either move them around or have more than one.

An answer to the inconvenience of keeping all those humidifiers clean and filled with water can be found by contacting Mister Quik Home Services in Avon, Indiana.

Why Should Homeowners Use a Humidifier?

Avon, Indiana winters can be brutal with the heating equipment needed to warm the house drying out the air. Air that is less than 35% humidity can cause secondary problems for the people living in the home and the home’s furniture. Rather than fight with multiple humidifiers, why not use a whole-house humidifier?

Avon, Indiana weather conditions in the winter make whole-house humidifiers a necessity for health and comfort. The investment in a whole-house humidifier will pay for itself over time and with healthier family members.

Some Benefits of Whole-House Humidifiers

  1. Health improvements. Cold and flu germs and viruses like dry indoor air. A whole-house humidifier will make the air comfortable for family members and bad for germs, viruses, and allergies.
  2. More comfort for family members. Air that is at the correct humidity level keeps skin and lips from chapping, prevents static electricity, and adds to the comfort of the home environment.
  3. Furniture will last longer when the air has the correct humidity. Air that is too dry can cause cracking of wood furniture and loosening of glue joints. Furniture will last longer in a home with a whole-house humidifier.

In Avon, Indiana, There Are Many Benefits of Whole-House Humidifiers

When a humidifier is integrated with the heating and cooling systems in a house, it needs professional installation. The humidifier will be installed next to the HVAC system and will rely on water from the home plumbing system.

The whole-house humidifier funnels humidified air through the home’s heat ducts, reaching all areas of the home. This is accomplished automatically without effort on the homeowner’s part. The system is regulated with a digital control panel.

Once Mister Quik has installed the whole-house humidifier, it is part of the HVAC system and does not require much effort from the homeowner.

Facts about the Whole House Humidifier

When homeowners contemplate purchasing a whole house humidifier, they may have questions about how they work and if they are healthy to have. Will the humidifier cause too much moisture that promotes mold growth, moisture on windows, or other problems?

When it is installed correctly by a Mister Quik technician, a whole-house humidifier will not cause any of the above problems. The system has a 24/7 auto mode sensor that maintains a healthy humidity level between 35% and 45% all year round. This is the humidity level recommended for family comfort and health. It will not cause excess humidity in the home. It only uses the water it needs to create a healthy humidity level.

A Whole-House Humidifier Also Works in the Summer in Avon, Indiana 

This whole-house humidifier also makes the air in the home better in the summer. The system can enhance air-conditioned air in the summer.

Air conditioning can also mean dry air that dries the skin, helps allergies proliferate, and harms the furniture. The whole-house humidifier prevents this.

Don’t wait for winter to have a whole-house humidifier system installed. It can help the air in your home all year round. Call today to get information on whole-house humidifiers and their benefits. Ask about removing excess moisture from the home’s air in the humid parts of the summer.

Getting Whole-House Humidifiers in Avon, Indiana

If you are interested in getting a whole house humidifier installed, contact Mister Quik today. Our team of HVAC professionals wants to make your home more comfortable no matter what time of year it might be. It only takes one call to learn the benefits of this system. We can help you explore the options for whole-house humidifiers.

We will help you decide on the correct size unit and give you a free estimate to consider. Once you make the decision, our technicians will furnish and install the perfect whole-house humidifier for your home needs. What if you do not have a central HVAC to add the humidifier to? We can also help with that. We have experts in all heating and cooling systems.