Having clean air in the home isn’t an easy task. Many people spend a lot of time inside their homes. This is why the air in the home must be as clean as it can be.

To have the cleanest indoor air possible, it’s important to inspect and clean the home’s HVAC system regularly. Over time, dirt, debris, and even mold can be built up in the vents, leading to dirty air. Thankfully, Mister Quik has a team of trained technicians who specialize in home duct cleanings.

The technicians will do a thorough and complete HVAC system cleaning, including the ducts, vents, and registers. Homeowners rely on Mister Quik to get their vents as clean as they were on the day they were installed. This leads to clean air in the home.

How The Techs Work Their Duct Cleaning Magic

While a homeowner may think that they can handle cleaning the vents independently, they will not be able to get the vents completely clean. The issue is that a homeowner can only reach a small portion of the vent. A technician will have the tools needed to clean the entire ventilation system, not just what can be reached by hand.

A professional Mister Quik technician will have a duct cleaning negative pressure system that sucks up the built-up dust, gunk, and debris from the ventilation system. Their tool resembles a giant vacuum. The technician will seal the home’s air registers to maximize suction.

They will then use compressed air and brushes to work from register to register. Anything built-up on the inside of the ducts will be loosened and sucked out. When the process is complete, the HVAC technician will clean the remainder of the HVAC system and make sure nothing was left behind. Lastly, the technician will replace the air filter. 

Once the ducts, the vents, the HVAC system, and the filter are all clean, a homeowner should notice an improvement in air quality. The air will be cleaning, safer, and may even smell better. This is great for those who live in the home that may suffer from allergy symptoms.

The Benefits of Duct Cleaning Services 

Why would a person want their ducts to be clean? Having clean ducts in the home can be beneficial for those who live there. The following are a few of the most common benefits.

Better Indoor Air Quality

If dirty air is being circulated in the home, this can mean that the air quality is poor. Dirty ducts can blow pollutants, dust, mold spores, bacteria, pollen, pet dander, and more through the home. These dirty particles float around, and people in the home breathe them in.

Signs of poor indoor air quality include those in the home suffering from allergy-like symptoms while in the home. They may have red, watery eyes that itch. They may cough, sneeze, have headaches, a runny nose, a stuffy nose, asthma symptoms, and more. If those symptoms go away once the vents have been cleaned, the homeowners know that the air quality is causing the problems. 

Fewer Household Allergens

Having the ducts cleaned can mean that fewer household allergens are floating around the home’s air. Pet dander, mold spores, pollen, and even mites can be blown into the air from the ducts. Having the ducts clean can get rid of these common duct build-ups and leave the home air allergen-free.

A Better Smelling Home

A home with a clean HVAC system can smell better than a home with a dirty system. This is because mold spores like to build a home in vents and ducts, and mold is stinky. Cleaning the vents may mean that a home smells better, as the mold has been removed from the vents.

A Cleaner Home Starts in the Ducts

Many people are surprised to find out that dirty home vents can cause a dust problem. When the HVAC system turns on, it can blow dust from the vents out onto the home’s surfaces. If a person feels like they cannot win the war on dust in their home, they may need to clean their vents. 

Mister Quik is Your Local HVAC Company

Mister Quik is a family-owned company that services those in and around Avon, Indiana. Our technicians have all the tools and training to get the job done. Ready to enjoy clean vents and cleaner indoor air? Give Mister Quik a call today, and let’s get started!