The addition of an air conditioning system adds to the overall comfort of your home. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at upgrading your current system or installing a new system for the first time; it’s crucial to determine which system model is the best fit for your specific needs.

If properly maintained and serviced, a quality AC system should offer about fifteen years of output. This utility’s expense and longevity mean that choosing the wrong system can lead to years of disappointment.

Here are the factors that you should consider before scheduling your appointment for an AC installation or upgrade in Avon, Indiana.

Choosing the Correct Size

The unit’s size is directly proportional to the size of the space it will be cooling. If the unit’s size is too small, it will work continuously to bring down the temperature. Not only will this overwork the system, but it will be a constant drain on electricity usage leading to higher energy bills. And, even with these two unintended consequences, you may still not reach the desired temperature setting.

It may seem that choosing a too-large unit would not result in any issues, but it does. The problem with an oversized unit is that it will reach the desired temperature quickly. When the unit does not have ample time to run and remove the air’s humidity, it is only accomplishing one element of its intended function, which can ultimately lead to system malfunction or damage.


Once you have determined the correct unit size, select the highest quality your budget will afford. As is so often the case with household appliances, you can choose the lowest upfront cost at the detriment of quality. The cost of the unit increases as the expected efficiency and lifespan. The lower quality also translates into higher maintenance costs and energy usage. Weigh your options carefully with your technician to find the balance of quality and cost.

Ductwork and Function

Remember that the ductwork in the home is also part of the AC system. The ducts should be in good condition to support the best function of the unit. A high-quality, brand new unit will not perform well with old, dirty, or clogged ductwork.

For the ducts to serve their best, they should have impenetrable seals between the ductwork segments. If there is a leak, the cold air will seep out, forcing the system to exert continuously to reach the target temperature. Again, this overworks the system and causes higher energy costs.

A thorough and professional installation in Avon, Indiana will include an inspection of the ductwork and make any necessary repairs to ensure a fully functional system.

AC Models

The best choice in an air conditioner offers a long lifespan with the least amount of repairs. Consider how the intended model compares to similar ones on these issues. In most cases, there will be a trade-off.

Placement of the Unit

Choosing the location for where to place the unit will have a considerable impact on the unit’s ultimate efficiency. The ideal placement will position the unit so that it is not in direct sunlight. When the unit sits in the sun, the temperature of the internal mechanisms increases. This results in the unit’s necessity to also exert to maintain a proper working temperature, further taxing the system. Your technician will be able to assist in determining the optimal placement.

Placement of the Thermostat

The thermostat is the component that measures the temperature of the room in relation to the desired temperature. Placing the thermostat in direct sunlight can lead to an incorrect reading of the temperature inside your room, indicating that it’s warmer indoors.

Conversely, If the thermostat is in a dark hallway, it may artificially determine the temperature of the house to be lower than its actual temperature. The thermostat should be positioned in a place where it can correctly sample and measure the temperature to engage the system accurately.

Electrical Wiring

Finally, the AC system will require a connection to the electrical system of the home. This requires skill and expertise. Your Avon, Indiana AC technician should also perform the service of completely all the requirements of connecting your AC unit to the electrical system.

There are many complications and safety issues with a system that has faulty wiring. The electrical work should ensure that the electrical load is sufficient to operate the unit, there are no exposed wires, and everything is connected as it should be.

At Mister Quik Home Services, our technicians can help you flesh out all of these considerations and answer any questions you have. The comfort of climate control is best realized when the most appropriate unit is chosen, correctly installed, and routine maintenance is performed.