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6 Energy Efficiency Best Practices for Your Home

Energy Efficient Practices

What is Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency is “using less energy to provide the same service”. 1

How Does Being More Energy Efficient Benefit Me?

An example is when you replace an appliance, such as a heating & cooling system or water heater, with a more energy-efficient model. The new equipment provides the same service, but uses less energy. Benefiting you by saving you money on your energy bill. With certain appliances you may even be eligible for utility or tax rebates.

Below are 6 Energy Efficiency Tips from Energy Star:

  1. Low-flow fixtures can save you more than a buck or two. Inexpensive, low-flow fixtures can reduce your home water consumption by as much as 50 percent and can save you up to $145 per year, according to Energy Star (a government program that promotes energy-efficiency).
  2. Insulation keeps your house warm in the winter, cool in the summer and reduces heating and cooling costs by as much as 20 percent.
  3. Fluorescent bulbs last four to 10 times longer than regular light bulbs. While they’re more expensive initially, you’ll save about $6 per year on energy bills, according to Energy Star.
  4. Programmable thermostats have become popular due to their energy- and money-saving benefits. When used properly, this device can save users up to $150 per year, and it’s generally more accurate than a regular thermostat, according to Energy Star.
  5. Tankless water heaters allow users to shave 20 percent off their water bill. In addition to lasting five to 10 years longer than tank heaters, and tankless heaters never run out of hot water.
  6. Energy efficient appliances, especially a heating and cooling system is a great way to save money annually. As much as half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling. Installing an energy-efficient system can save you a lot over the years in lower utility bills.

Have more questions about energy efficiency? Call your local heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing experts at Mister Quik.