10 Reasons why Mister Quik is Your Choice for Water Heaters

1. Proper Diagnosis

In some instances a water heater problem may need a repair instead of a complete replacement. Our plumbers are expert at diagnosing water heater problems and will give you their professional recommendation on what is needed.

2. We Stand Behind Our Work

We include the highest warranties in the industry and are here 24/7, 364 days per year to stand behind them.

3. Choices and Options

Our licensed plumbers are trained on the numerous types of water heaters available and can explain the benefits of higher efficiency water heaters.

4. Proper Sizing

A Mister Quik plumber understands how to properly size a water heater for every home and understand calculations for hot water demands from multiple bathrooms, washing machines, dishwashers and all other hot water using devices.

5. T&P Valve Installation

The temperature and pressure relief valve opens to relieve pressure. Improper installation or the choice of an inadequate valve can cause damage to the water heater or a hazardous pressure build-up.

6. High Integrity Parts

Like anything, parts that are used to install a water heater can be of very high or low quality. We only use the best parts so that your new water heater will not only last longer, but will function properly and efficiently.

7. Temperature Settings

Water heaters have thermostats that allow you to change the temperature setting of the water. Without the proper knowledge and training water can be set to too hot of a temperature and could possibly cause scalding.

8. Flooding Prevention

When a water heater gets to a certain age it could leak due to pressure buildup. This could cause damage to floor coverings and other items. Our plumbers will install a drain pan and pipe it properly to a drain.

9. Thermal Expansion Understanding

When water heaters are heating your homes water pressure is also building from the heat inside of the tank. This pressure causes the tank to become more prone to cracks, which can cause leaks or lessen the life expectancy of the heater. To prevent this, our plumbers suggest a thermal expansion tank be added to provide pressure relief from the tank to lessen any potential problems.

10. Professional Education and Experience

Our plumbers have taken years to develop a very high level of expertise. When our plumbers come into your home they know exactly what it needs done to solve your problem.