The #1 Secret to Reducing Expensive Maintenance

If you had a dollar for every time you’ve heard us say, “Remember to change your filter!” you would be a millionaire by now, right? But do you know WHY we stress changing the filter so much? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Improve the system’s efficiency, therefore reducing utility bills
  • Prevent early equipment failure
  • You and your family will breathe cleaner air in the home
  • Reduces stale smells from your home
  • Improve heating and cooling capacity
  • Reduce likelihood of mold in the duct system
  • Reduce costs in maintenance

Did you know that at least three maintenance cleanings can practically be avoided if you keep up with your system’s filter change with a quality filter?

It’s true! Our technicians recommend blower wheel, secondary heat exchanger, and evaporator coil cleanings to customers that regularly forget to change the air filters. These three parts are highly affected by the cleanliness of the air throughout the system and it’s your filter’s job to restrict the amount of dirt that goes along with the airflow.

Here’s a diagram to show the air flow through a standard HVAC system:

Evaporator Coil

The air filter is located right before the blower wheel, designed to help prevent dirt buildup on your equipment to keep your system running efficiently. If the filter isn’t changed regularly, these key parts to your HVAC system may begin to look like this:

Blower Wheel

Secondary Heat Exchanger

Evaporator Coil

All the air distributed throughout your home passes through these parts within the system. Don’t put up with breathing dingy, dirty air! Simply change your filter when it’s dirty (approximately every 30 days, depending on filter type and lifestyle) and get your regular HVAC tune-ups!

Haven’t changed your filter in a while and worried that your system looks like this? Give us a call! Our technicians will take pictures of the inside of your system and show you exactly what it looks like. If it’s looking similar to the pictures above, ask them about a blower wheel and evaporator cleaning.