It makes sense that homeowners want their HVAC systems to run as efficiently as possible. A more efficient system will keep home heating and cooling costs low and reduce the household’s impact on the environment.

What doesn’t make as much sense is some people’s exclusive focus on maintaining furnaces and air conditioning units without taking into consideration the state of their home’s ductwork. While regular maintenance of HVAC units can help to lower bills, it will do little good if the ducts are leaky or damaged. Duct sealing provides the perfect solution to dealing with leaky ducts, helping to keep both monthly bills and environmental impacts low.

When Mister Quik performs duct sealing in Zionsville, they’ll check every inch of the system to look for leaks. If the ducts are losing hot or cold air, the technicians can pinpoint problem areas and provide duct sealing services the same day. They won’t call the job done until the ducts are no longer leaking and homeowners are satisfied with the service they have received.

How Do Ducts Work? 

It’s worth taking a moment to talk about how ducts work when they are fully operational. The home’s furnace and air conditioner generate heated or cooled air, then push it through the ductwork to circulate it through the house.

As the air travels through the home’s ductwork, it loses a little energy through the walls. However, most of the heated or cooled air remains inside the ducts and only exits the system once it reaches the air registers in each room of the house.

Unfortunately, air ducts tend to develop leaks over time. Those leaks allow the treated air to exit the system at inappropriate points before it reaches the registers. As a result, the HVAC units will need to work harder to maintain optimal temperatures, and some rooms will be warmer or cooler than intended.

Sealing the ducts eliminates leaks, ensuring that the air gets to where it needs to go without being expelled into attics, crawlspaces, or rooms that are already hot or cold enough for comfort. Locating those leaks and sealing the system effectively are both challenging tasks best left to the professionals. Homeowners who try to seal their ductwork themselves using duct tape or similar over-the-counter solutions almost always miss cracks and holes, so that’s just not a good solution.

How Professional Duct Sealing in Zionsville Works

It used to be the case that HVAC technicians had only one solution for sealing ducts permanently. They applied a product called duct mastic, then the sticky, thick substance hardened over all the gaps as it dried. Duct mastic had to be applied by hand to each crack or hole, and it takes quite some time to dry.

Instead of using this ineffective method of duct sealing in Zionsville, Mister Quik’s technicians have a better solution. They use a product called Aeroseal.

Before sealing the ducts, a technician will clean them thoroughly, then seal off the registers temporarily to perform diagnostic testing to identify leaks. Next, the technician will seal fans, AC coils, and the HVAC machinery to prevent Aeroseal infiltration before injecting the material into the ductwork.

Once the Aeroseal enters the duct system, it moves throughout the ducts along with circulating air. It then collects in holes and cracks to create a permanent seal. Aeroseal can be used to treat all the holes and cracks that are ⅝” wide or smaller at once.

Aeroseal cures almost immediately. The entire process takes only a few hours, and homeowners will notice improvements in their HVAC systems’ efficiency as soon as it’s done.

Greater Comfort

Sealing the ducts means more of the treated air arrives at the air registers in the home’s walls or ceilings, making it easier to control indoor temperatures accurately. If some rooms are currently warmer or cooler than they should be, duct sealing should resolve that problem.

Lower Bills

It should be obvious that improving the ductwork’s efficiency will help to keep monthly energy bills low, but there are also some hidden cost benefits of duct sealing. Sealing the ducts helps to reduce strain on the entire HVAC system, which means furnaces and air conditioners will last longer and require fewer repairs.

Improved Air Quality

Sealing the ducts can also help to prevent the infiltration of airborne particles into the home’s living areas. Instead of escaping through the cracks, they will make it to the filter for easy removal from the system.

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