Homeowners know all too well how critical air conditioning is during the hot summer months. When their system fails, the property owner must act quickly to get their system repaired. If the unit has exceeded its expiration date, it may be time to consider a complete replacement. Local service providers offer comprehensive inspections to determine if that time has arrived.

Is It Time to Replace the Existing System?

Most AC systems can last up to fifteen years, but some units may fail after ten years. If the unit isn’t at least ten years, it is possible to repair the unit. An inspection of the unit and its major components determines if it is possible and feasible to try repairs.

HVAC technicians review the entire unit and test the components. If the issue is just one component, the repairs may be more feasible than the cost of replacing the entire system. However, if a repair technician has repaired the unit multiple times, it may be time to consider a complete replacement. If the repair costs the same or more than a new unit, the repairs are not feasible, and the homeowner will need an AC replacement in Zionsville, Indiana

Finding the Right Unit Size

HVAC technicians calculate the AC system size according to the area of each living space and the total square footage of the property. They find the area for each living space and multiply it by 25 BTUs. By adding the BTUs for each living space together, they find the correct size for the AC unit.

If the AC system is too small, it will not keep the entire home cool, and if it is too large for the property, it consumes too much power unnecessarily. When setting up an AC replacement in Zionsville, Indiana, the technician provides size requirements to the homeowner and helps them choose an appropriate AC system.

What AC Features Are Popular?

AC features that homeowners look for start with energy efficiency and opportunities for savings. The energy star rating for all AC systems determines how much the homeowner saves by choosing the unit. They may also get rebates and tax deductions by choosing energy-efficient AC systems.

Zoned cooling is another popular feature that property owners may want. It allows them to set up zones and send more cooled air to these zones according to their needs. They could adjust the settings to send cooler air to bedrooms at night and change to send cooler air in primary living spaces during the day. The zoned air features may also save them money on their cooling costs.

Should You Upgrade the Thermostat?

The thermostats are not upgraded with all new AC installations especially if it is a replacement for an existing system. Homeowners will have to request the upgrade or change. Programmable thermostats are ever-popular with homeowners and give the property owner options for adjusting the temperature at any time. They can program the AC to run at higher temperatures when the homeowner isn’t home, and they can adjust it to cooler settings just before they arrive home from work. A programmable thermostat could save them a lot of money throughout the summer.

Using Smart Home Connections

Smart home systems work well with upgraded air conditioning systems and give the property owner more control over their HVAC systems. The homeowner establishes a connection to the AC or heating unit through the smart home system, and they can adjust the temperature whenever they want. The connections are available for any mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

With a smart home connection, the homeowner adjusts their air conditioner’s temperature, or they can shut it down completely. It is a great combination for immediate energy savings and gives the homeowner incredible convenience.

Where to Get AC Replacement

Mister Quik Home Services has an incredible history of high-quality AC repairs and AC replacement in Zionsville, Indiana. The service provider guarantees all repairs and AC replacement services. All new AC products come with a warranty that covers repairs and replacements if the system fails before the end of the warranty term. Homeowners can learn more about the services by contacting the service provider and setting up an appointment now.

Air conditioning systems are vital each summer, and they are necessary for keeping the home comfortable throughout the season. If an AC unit fails, the homeowner and their family face serious health risks during extreme temperatures. Property owners can find out more about AC replacement services by contacting their preferred service provider now.