Before running water, people would need to get water from a stream, a lake, or a pump and carry it to where it would be used. If they wanted hot water for a bath or laundry, they would need to heat it over a fire or a stove. In under-developed nations, people still must do this. But, in Zionsville, IN, there is running water coming out of faucets and it is heated in a home water heater.

Unlike some appliances, the water heater is named for what it does. It heats water for the whole home. Then, that water comes out of faucets in sinks, bathtubs, or washing machines. This allows us convenience in bathing, doing dishes or laundry, or just washing our hands.

This is an explanation of how water heaters work. There is also information on who to contact for dependable, professional water heater installation in Zionsville.

What Types of Water heaters Are There?

There are several distinct types of water heaters. Each type has benefits and features that will help different customers. Here is a description of each type of water heater:

Conventional Storage Water heater

Conventional water heaters are the most common type of water heaters found in American homes. They are bulky but reliable. A conventional water heater has an insulated storage tank that holds from 30 to 80 gallons of heated water. The water heater preheats the water to give the home hot water when it’s needed.

Because these water heaters are continually heating water and storing it, they are not very energy efficient compared to other types of water heaters. If a person uses all the hot water in the tank, it can be a long wait for the water heater tank to fill with more hot water.

Tankless Water heater

The tankless water heater does not have a large storage tank so they take up less space. They are equipped with super-heated coils that heat water very quickly. This makes it possible to have hot water on demand without energy being wasted constantly heating a large tank of water.

Tankless water heaters are a good choice for homes in Zionsville because they work best in homes with natural gas as their main energy source. A large percentage of homes in Zionsville use natural gas in their homes.

Electric Heat Pump Water heaters

These energy-efficient water heaters take existing heat from the ground and air during the water heating process. This water heater draws heat from the air and amplifies it, transferring the heat from the surrounding environment to the water. This system works best in areas that are warm all year round. 

What Type of Water heater Should I purchase?

Choosing the correct type of water heater can be challenging, and the correct answer changes from person to person. The best solution is to work with a trusted professional for help in choosing the best type of water heater for your home’s unique circumstances.

The qualified professional should ask you what type of energy source you use to help them advise you. They will need to know how much water your family uses and what your budget is. Then, they can advise you on a unit that will be well-supported by your existing infrastructure.

Who Should I Call For Water heater Installation in Zionsville?

Mister Quick is a leader in the Zionsville home service industry with lots of experience and well-trained technicians. We offer a comprehensive collection of services including water heater installation. Contact us for a free estimate and to learn more about our water heater choices and warranties.