Our homes are our safe place and we spend a lot of time in them. Home is where we interact with our family and home is where we relax and rest. Now, with the pandemic affecting everyones’ lives, many more of us are working from home as well as watching TV, working out, eating meals together, and sleeping at night. Because we spend so much time indoors in our homes, the air quality is important. Yet in too many homes, the air quality inside is worse than the outside it.

Everyone needs good air quality to maintain optimum health. People with chronic health conditions such as allergies or asthma and the elderly need good air quality to be more comfortable. Everyone needs good air quality to stay healthy and to be comfortable at home. When air quality is an issue, people can improve it by installing a high-efficiency particulate air filtration system or a HEPA system. This air filtration system must have its filters replaced regularly to be effective. This is a job best done by professional HVAC technicians.

In Zionsville, IN, Mister Quick is the HVAC service company to call for filter replacement. The technicians will install new filters and dispose of the old filters. Mister Quick technicians are well-trained and insured to offer customers quality workmanship and the best service. When a family needs help to improve their home’s indoor air quality, they need only call Mister Quick.

Why Should I Use HEPA Filters?

Families in Zionsville, IN are each unique and have diverse needs for their home air quality. Air filtering systems come in many different models and qualities. The HVAC systems in homes should be installed with filters but not all filtering systems are alike. The best filters have more efficiency as measured by the MERV or minimum efficiency reporting value. The higher this number, the more particles the filter will catch and take out of the air.

The 1″ filters most homes use should be changed every 30 days. These filters have a MERV number between 5 and 9 and they will catch the larger particles while letting smaller particles such as dust, pollen, and mold spores pass through.

But, there are better filters available that will trap more harmful particles and deliver a better air quality in the home. HEPA is the most effective filter and can trap 99.9% of all particulates. The effectiveness of HEPA filters makes them popular for hospitals, labs, and homes. HEPA filters provide very effective particulate filtration.

Why You Need a HEPA Air Filter

A HEPA filter air filtering system can be a large part of solving a home’s air quality problems. Please contact Mister Quick to learn more about the benefits of installing a HEPA filter system in Zionsville, IN.

Getting a HEPA Filter Replacement in Zionsville, IN.

Replacing the filters in an HVAC system is an important part of home maintenance. When filters are left in too long, they become clogged and unable to let sufficient air through. This makes the HVAC system work harder and also may allow more particles to escape into the home’s air system. That will strain the system making it less efficient and wear out sooner.

In Zionsville, getting a HEPA filter replacement can solve this problem. HEPA filters are denser so it is more difficult for air to pass through them even when they are clean. It is important to keep the home’s HVAC system maintained and in good working condition. Part of that is regularly changing the HEPA filters as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Changing the air filters regularly will improve the home’s air quality and help the HVAC system work more efficiently. When the heating and cooling systems work more efficient heating and cooling the home, saves the homeowner money on utility bills and extends the life of the HVAC equipment.

Local, Reliable HVAC Technicians for HEPA Filter Replacement in Zionsville, IN

Homeowners in Zionsville who have questions about getting a HEPA filter replacement or are ready to schedule a filter replacement can contact the team of experts at Mister Quick Home Services. We will schedule an appointment for our technicians to quickly change your HEPA filter and improve the home’s air quality.