Wrangle those Wires

You’re a diehard sports fan who enjoys the big game on a giant flatscreen TV. You’re an audiophile who listens to music on a multi-room surround sound stereo system. You’re a computer whiz who plays the latest games on a tricked out desktop setup.

All of these arrangements are enough to make your friends envious, but they’re also full of stuff that no one wants to touch. We’re talking about cables, cords, and wires, and chances are there’s a spot or two in your home that’s just a tangled mess. When they aren’t properly organized, wires can be confusing to connect, impossible to navigate, and can pose an electrical hazard as well. Thankfully, getting everything under control is fairly easy and makes a huge difference in terms of looks and efficiency.

Instead of just yanking every wire out if its component and starting from scratch, Mister Quik offers some expert solutions for managing your wires and re-running them for a neater, cleaner look.

1.) Give your home a thorough walkthrough.

In order to identify problem areas, you’ll want to review every room in your house. Imagine you’re inspecting someone else’s home for the first time. This will help you remember spots you might not otherwise think about. Look at areas such as:

  • Entertainment centers
  • Desktop computers
  • Internet routers
  • Home stereos
  • Video game consoles

2.) Decide what stays and what goes.

Still have a VCR plugged in? Or an old cassette deck? When you’re walking through your home looking for rat’s nests of wires, think about the things you still use on a regular basis, and those that you do not. Unplugging and removing outdated or unused electronics is the easiest way to cut back on cords.

3.) Start organizing!

Perform a Google search for “cord management” or “organizing wires,” and you’ll find an endless amount of websites featuring solutions to your conundrum. There are many companies that specialize in gadgets for organizing cords and wires. Sometimes, all it takes are few zip ties to solve your problem. But if you’re after a more professional approach, the internet is a great resource.

Just about everyone in Central Indiana knows Mister Quik for our quality heating & cooling products and services. But did you know we also offer a full line of electrical services, too? Mister Quik electricians are some of the most skilled experts in the industry, and we work on all shapes, sizes, and types of electrical projects. If you have new electronic devices you need help installing, want cable or telephone cords ran between rooms and floors, or have other ideas for getting rid of all those wires, just contact Mister Quik for a friendly, in-home quote. We’re happy to help, and look forward to talking with you. Say goodbye to clumps of cables for good with Mister Quik!