How to Use Your Ceiling Fan Effectively

Did you know that you can save money with just a flip of a switch in your home? Changing the direction of the air flow on your ceiling fans according to the seasons can be an effortless way to help control temperatures in your home AND help reduce utility costs. According to Energy Star, if you set your ceiling fan in the counterclockwise direction in the summer, you can create a breeze that cools the space below the fan.

When it’s winter season, you’ll want to set the fan in the clockwise direction at a low speed to create an updraft that circulates the warm air that is near the ceiling down to the living space.

You can help heat and cool your home with a simple switch of your fan, taking some of the workload off your HVAC system, and therefore reducing your utility costs. Follow us on Facebook to get more tips about how to save money with minimal effort!