Spot the Difference

Before After Game Unsolved

Below you will find the highlighted differences between the two AC unit pictures. How many did you get right?

Differences in Picture #2

  1. The color of the AC pad is black instead of gray
  2. The initials “MQ” have replaced the bare red badge on the AC unit
  3. A small lightning bolt has been added to the electrical disconnect located on the side wall of the house
  4. The screws on the fan cover are black instead of tan
  5. A small flower is peeking around the side of the AC unit
  6. The built up debris under the unit has been cleaned up. This is included in an AC tune up with Mister Quik. When the dirt found under the unit is cleaned up, there is less of a chance of that debris from getting into the AC coils. Very, very important for a well-functioning AC unit.
  7. The built up debris on the AC coil has been removed, allowing the unit to run more efficiently. The removal of the debris will save the homeowner money on their next electrical bill! Cleaning the coil is another service that is performed during an AC tune up with Mister Quik.