Reclaimed Pallet Bedframe DIY

Make Your Own Pallet Bed Frame

Pallet Bed Frame

All over the internet I’m sure you’ve seen furniture made using reclaimed shipping pallets.

Everything from bedside tables to book shelves. But, if you’re looking for a great way to add that rustic charm to a bedroom, we have the DIY for you; pallet bed frames! Buying a bed frame can be a pain, but we want to talk you through creating a beautiful bed using reclaimed or new shipping pallets.


  • Tape Measure
  • Hammer
  • Pry Bar
  • Power drill and Screw bit
  • Sander/Sanding Pads
  • Paint/Stain Brush
  • Circular Saw (to trim the lumber)


  • Pallets (Number depends on size of the bed desired and pallets available)
  • Screws (3” and 1 ½” length)
  • Paint/Stain
  • 1×10 boards as needed (for trim and/or shelving) Length may vary
  • 2×6 board as needed (for extra support) Length may vary
Hammer, prybar, and a sledge

Note: The bed assembled in the images used irregular pallets, but demonstrate the basic assemblage of a pallet bed.

Prep Your Pallets


1.) Gather your Pallets

Gather your pallets. You can find these easily online, or at Pallet Recycling locations. (Or maybe you know someone with extra pallets laying around) Try to make sure they are not too beat up, and in good structural shape. These pallets are going to make the frame of the bed and need to be sturdy. Average GMA pallets will be 40”x48”, so keep this in mind when picking your pallets.

2.) Clean your Pallets

Once you’ve picked you pallets, it’s time to clean and sand them. Some pallets might have additions to the tops that served as anchors for what it was carrying. Use your hammer and pry bar to get these off as they are usually secured with nails. Try not to crack the wood of your pallets as you clean them. The sanding is to make sure that there are no markings, or stamps on the wood, as well as get rid of any rough surfaces. Next, you should check out your pallets to make they are structurally sound. If they have boards that need to be replaced, cut your 2”x6” boards to size and use them to replace your pallets boards.


3.) Measure twice, Cut once

Measure out the size of the bed you are wanting a frame for. All sizes of bed will need
3 full pallets or 4 half pallets & 1 full pallet but the amount of room on each side for trim will change depending on the mattress you choose.

Common Measurements for Standard Beds
  • Twin – 38”x74” (Requires 1”x4” side boards)
  • Twin Extra Long (XL) – 38”x80” (Requires 1”x4” side boards)
  • Full – 54”x74” (Requires 4 half pallets for the base)
  • Queen – 60”x80” (Requires 4 half pallets for the base)
  • King – 76”x80” (Requires 4 half pallets for the base)
  • California King – 72”x84” (Requires 4 half pallets for the base)

4.) Block out Your Trim

After everything is measured out, you should start planning the trim for the bed. The pallets are great for the structure of the bed, but you will want something to make sure your mattress doesn’t move. This is one suggestion of how to block your bed frame.

If using full pallets first measure the full length and width of the bed frame. Cut your 1”x10” boards accordingly, as they will surround your mattress. There should be one board on the left, right, and foot of the bed frame. The left and right boards should reach from head to foot. In this demo, these boards were meant to extend beyond the edge of the pallets as a sort of step. Keep this in mind when designing your frame.

If using half pallets place the pallets laid out in a square. And follow the rest of the instructions as stated above.

Build it Out


5.) Anchor Your Frame

LLay your pallets together end to end with the holes facing the bottom of the bed. Your 1”x10” boards will be used to keep these together. Place two 3” screws per anchor point, with 2 anchor points per pallet, at the start and end of the each. Make sure that these screws are anchored deep and flush with the top of the boards.

6.) Headboard construction

Once those are anchored, you can start working on your headboard. There are 2 methods depending on the height and width of the pallet you have, pinning the headboard on top of the other pallets, or letting the headboard rest on the floor.

You will need to secure the headboard to the frame using three 3” screws on each side of the headboard. If you wish to have a taller headboard, place the headboard at the head of the bedframe, flush with the end. Attach one 1”x10” boards to each side of the back of the headboard and one in the center, with two 1 ½” screws at the top and bottom of each 1”x10”.>

After this, you can start staining and painting your frame. Now you have a beautiful piece to make an interesting bedroom!

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