Those who want their air conditioner to run smoothly need to keep up with the unit’s routine maintenance and care. Not doing so can mean more issues will arise that may have been avoidable. Thankfully, those in Westfield, Indiana have a great option for tune-ups for their AC unit: Mister Quik.

Mister Quik’s technicians can check for issues, make any repairs that are needed, and clean the unit. Those who are not sure if they need to have their unit serviced need to read on to learn about its benefits. On top of keeping the unit in tip-top shape, proper maintenance can also prevent the unit from malfunctioning.

AC Tune-Ups Increase the Systems Life Span

Many people are unaware that a well-cared-for AC unit will last longer than a unit that has not received regular maintenance. Air conditioners are expensive, so it is important to make them last as long as possible. A dirty system has to work harder and work longer than a clean system, meaning extra wear and tear is placed on the unit.

A Well Maintained AC Unit Will Be More Reliable

If the unit is routinely cleaned and inspected, a homeowner can count on it to work properly when needed. A unit that does not receive regular care and maintenance could stop working without warning. If a technician is caring for the unit, cleaning out the debris and dust, and checking for refrigerant leaks regularly, the unit is more likely to work when needed. Those who do not have their air conditioner regularly tuned up may find it stops working during the summer’s hottest days.

A Clean Unit Runs Better 

Having dirt and debris in the unit means the air conditioner must work overtime to get the job done. A cleaner unit is more energy-efficient, while a dirty unit can run up the home’s electric bills. Save money on electricity and protect the unit by having an HVAC technician come out for routine maintenance, unit cleaning, and repairs.

Tune-Ups Pay for Themselves

On top of the electricity savings that come with a clean and well-maintained AC unit, regular tune-ups can pay for themselves in repair costs. It can be expensive to make repairs when something goes wrong with the air conditioner. If small issues are addressed during routine maintenance appointments, those larger repairs may be avoided.

What to Expect During an AC Tune-Up in Westfield, Indiana

A maintenance visit is a quick and pain-free experience. The tech inspects the condition of the system, hoses, and parts. Mister Quik’s technicians are familiar with the specific HVAC systems installed in Westfield, Indiana homes and businesses. The following will take place during the visit.

Coil Condenser Cleaning

The tech will inspect and clean the condensing coils. Clean coils will prevent wear and tear of the AC unit.

The Thermostat Will Be Calibrated

A calibrated thermostat helps the unit to run properly. If the thermostat isn’t recording the correct temperature, the system may be running when it should not be. The opposite can also be the case. The unit may not come on when it needs to.

The Electrical Connections Will Be Inspected

A loose connection can cause major problems for an AC unit. The technician will check the electrical connections and make sure everything is on the up-and-up. If something is loose, they can make the repair on the spot.

The Coolant Levels Will Be Checked

A machine low on refrigerant cannot work properly. The tech will check the refrigerant levels and make sure they are appropriate. The tech will also check for leaks.

The Ducts Will Be Inspected

Clogged ducts are bad for air conditioning systems. A clogged duct can mean the home is hotter than it needs to be and the AC has to work harder to cool the home. Clogged ducts can also drive up electric bills. This is why the technician will pay close attention to the AC ducts.

Take care of the AC unit and it will take care of cooling the home. As soon as a homeowner thinks there may be a problem, they need to call a technician. If the system starts making weird noises, generates odd smells, or isn’t cooling the home, there is a problem.

Many times, a technician can quickly and easily repair the AC unit and get it running smoothly again. Those who have regular AC tune-ups can often have issues fixed before there is even a sign of an air conditioning problem. Ready for an inspection? Give Mister Quik Home Services a call today!