The worst thing about needing to have your AC unit fixed is that it always comes at the wrong time. It completely breaks on a boiling hot day, or worse, starts pumping out warm air during a hot night. It can be so uncomfortable to sit in such hot and humid temperatures without any relief from your AC. 

Several things can cause an air conditioning unit to break. Sometimes you can spot the signs before it completely breaks. This quick read will talk you through some of the indicators, when you need to have your AC repaired, and who to call.

The Common Signs

It’s rare for your air conditioning unit to fail without first giving you any warning signs. We know that it’s easy to brush aside warning signs and ignore the problem, but sooner or later, it could lead to your AC unit breaking entirely.

Weird Noises

You shouldn’t hear any noises out of the ordinary at any time. You should know how your AC unit is meant to sound if you’ve owned it for a while. Generally, all that should be heard is a gentle humming as the system works away to send cool air into the room.

It shouldn’t be loud, there shouldn’t be any ticking or clicking noises, and there definitely shouldn’t be any popping or banging. We know it can be worrying when an AC unit starts to make a funny noise, and that’s why our expert engineers at Mister Quik can be out in a flash to sort it for you.

If in any doubt, turn your AC unit off, call us at Mister Quik today, and we’ll be out to deal with the problem as soon as possible. Turning the AC unit off prevents the problem from becoming worse or causing damage to your home.

Unwanted Warm Air

That pesky warm air that we have talked about is a tell-tale sign. Unless your AC unit is set up to produce warm air and that’s what you’ve instructed it to do, warm air is not meant to be produced.

If you have checked the thermostat and it’s showing the temperature set to cold and it’s not what you’re getting, our expert trained engineers can come out and fix it for you. It could be that there has simply been a build-up of dust and grime over time that has broken the AC unit.

Unwanted Smells

The smell that broken AC units can produce is a smell like no other. It lingers in the air for longer and is far more repulsing. We might not have needed to have said this, but bad smells are most definitely a sign of your AC unit not working properly. 

A bad smell may be caused by a build-up of grime. It can also be down to a leak somewhere, causing water to build up and become moldy. Whatever the reason, a bad smell in your home is not what you need, so call our expert at Mister Quik to book a visit.

Leaking Water

Leaking water is not what you want to see. It can cause more than just a bad smell. It might be obvious that water and electrics don’t mix well, and although AC units are designed to be safe, leaking water can cause a problem. If your AC unit is also leaking coolant, it can cause bigger problems.

The leak may be due to a simple defect in a pipe or just age-related wear and tear. In any case, if you notice water leaking from your AC unit, make sure you turn it off straight away and call our engineers at Mister Quik in Westfield, Indiana.

System Turning On And Off

If your system is only working intermittently, or if it keeps turning on and off while you’re trying to use it, it’s a problem for our engineers at Mister Quik. 

This problem often occurs due to an electrical fault causing your AC unit to be stuck on a cycle. If this is happening, book a service with one of our engineers at Mister Quik in Westfield, Indiana.

Do You Need a Repair Or Replacement?

Most of the time, an AC unit can be repaired. Modern AC units have a lifespan of around 15 to 20 years, only needing minor repairs along the way. Don’t be alarmed if you think your AC unit is failing, our trusted and professional experts can assess your AC unit and work with you to find a solution.

If we find you need a replacement, there are so many modern AC units that are cost-effective and easy to install. If you think your AC needs a repair, service, or even a replacement, give us a call at Mister Quik in Westfield, Indiana, today so we can assist you. Our trusted experts are on hand to help!