Olden times found those in need of a bath painstakingly heating up water over a fire before dumping it in the metal tub for the recipient. And truth be told, this practice is still common in some underdeveloped countries today. For those lucky enough to live in Westfield, however, it’s pretty likely that a water heater is your go-to appliance for hot water.

But, a water heater does far more than heat up bath water for the entire family. It does double and triple duty, providing warm water for laundry, washing dishes both by hand and in the dishwasher, and showers. Below, we’ll discuss how a water heater does its all-important job and who homeowners should get in touch with for trustworthy water heater installation in Westfield.

Life’s About Choices

Did you know that when it comes to water heaters, there is a choice? Certainly, each type has features tailored to specific types of customers, but there’s sure to be one perfect for you.

Conventional Water Heater

The most common type of water heater comes in first here and may be found in your very own home. Let’s be honest, it’s a big, bulky appliance that probably takes up its fair share of space in the garage. Cumbersome or not, no one can say it’s not dependable. This stalwart water heater contains a storage tank that’s insulated and typically holds 40+ gallons of water. Preheated ahead of time, most people can simply turn on the spigot and hot water will “magically” appear.

Undeniably convenient, the tank does have some disadvantages, though. Because it’s always on the job keeping the water supply hot, it’s usually not very energy-efficient, especially when compared to other water heater models. Plus, who hasn’t experienced having to wait for the water to reheat after someone took too long of a shower?

No Tank or Tankless Heater

The name says it all. Tankless water heaters are sans storage tanks and instead, have ultra-heated coils that heat water almost immediately. You’re still getting the on-demand hot water without the high energy bills and need to heat up 40+ gallons at a time. An increasing number of consumers are going with tankless water heater installation in Westfield, and find that houses equipped with natural gas work especially well with it.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

These electric water heaters use the ground to heat and air to heat water, drawing in heat from the air, amplifying it, and sending the heat from the environment to the water. You’ll more than likely not find these types of water heater installations in Westfield, but more likely in places like Montgomery, AL or Tampa, FL where it’s warm most of the year-round. 

So, Which One Should We Get

It’s no easy task to pick just the right water heater for your particular lifestyle. And, just because your next-door neighbor went with one kind doesn’t mean it’ll be good for you. It’s best to talk with experienced installers to figure out which water heater would be best in your particular situation. The installing pro will ask all the right questions ahead of time, inquiring what type of energy you currently use, electric or gas. This will lead you to the right system for your distinct home. 

Who Provides Water Heater Installation in Westfield

Not that we’re biased, but Mister Quik has been an industry leader for 20+ years in the Westfield area. With a wide array of services, including water heater installation in Westfield, we’re ready to provide a free estimate and educate you on our products and warranties. Expect friendly and knowledgeable technicians on the phone and in person. So, don’t wait until you’re hot and sweaty, in need of a shower to discover there is no hot water. Have your water heater serviced before it breaks.