Think back to the first morning after a long hot summer when you feel that crisp in the air and think, “Hmm, maybe it’s time to take out my jacket.” When the fall comes and the air turns chilly, it’s time to turn on your heating system again. Part of that is because the system has been hibernating all spring and summer, and part of it is because your HVAC system gets filled with dust and other particles through daily usage. However, there’s a solution: installing an HVAC ultraviolet light system in Westfield from Mister Quik Home Services.

Benefits of Using HVAC UV Lights in Westfield

Maybe you’re wondering exactly how installing an ultraviolet light system in your HVAC system could be beneficial. If you’ve ever seen those nifty little UV devices that sanitize your cell phone, the same principle applies. Adding a UV light to your HVAC system brings numerous benefits to your home, including boosting your overall health, keeping your family safe, saving money on energy bills, and improving the air quality in your home.

Improves Health

When your HVAC system runs, it draws in the dirt, dust, mold spores, and other microscopic matter along with fresh air, which is then pushed throughout your home via the ducts and vents. This causes poor air quality and can even lead to health problems. If you suffer from lung or breathing issues like asthma or allergies, or if you have a compromised immune system, breathing contaminated air all the time can make your problems worse. That’s why it’s so vital to install an HVAC UV light system in your home. It eliminates all that dust, dirt, and contaminants that filter through your air ducts, considerably improving your air quality and boosting your overall health and wellness.

Energy Efficient

When your HVAC system is dirty and filled with grime, it has to work harder to pump air throughout your home. When you call Mister Quik to install a UV light in your Westfield home, you can completely eradicate those pollutants and dirt that put increased pressure on your system. That way, your system doesn’t have to work as hard, so it uses less energy and reduces energy bills.

Better Air Quality

An HVAC UV light scrubs all those malodorous molecules that can make your home smell less than fresh. Not only does it make your home smell better, but it improves the quality of the air you’re breathing. In fact, threats to air quality aren’t just coming from the outside, but the inside of your home as well. Things like allergens, dander, dirt, and other pollutants swirl around the air of your home and are unseen risks to your health. An HVAC UV light thoroughly sanitizes and scrubs the air in your home, effectively removing those threats from both inside and outside.

HVAC UV Light Installation Process

If you’ve decided to invest in an HVAC UV light system for your home, it’s actually an easy process. The first step is to call Mister Quik Home Services for a consultation. Once we’ve gone over all your options and decided which system and location work best for your needs, our expert technicians will quickly and safely install your new UV light system. After it’s installed, the system starts working right away to clean your air and help you breathe a little easier.

How Effective are HVAC UV Lights?

HVAC UV lights are highly effective. In fact, they’ve been used for over 100 years to effectively clean and sanitize, well, anything. They’re used in grocery stores, office buildings, and even hospitals to help clean, disinfect, and sanitize the air and surfaces. With the world currently still in the grip of a pandemic, making sure your home is safe, sanitized, and has clean air is more important than ever before.

UV lights have been proven to effectively eradicate the dangerous E. coli bacteria and the Norwalk virus. Having that type of protection in your home right now is an invaluable asset for keeping you and your family safe. An HVAC UV light sterilizes the air before it enters your home’s living space, so you’re breathing air that’s 99% free of contaminants and safe.

The Leading Choice for HVAC UV Light Installation in Westfield

At Mister Quik Home Services, we can provide all your HVAC and air quality needs. Our team of expert technicians is highly trained and committed to providing you with the best customer service and the highest level of workmanship possible. We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to make our company the leading choice for HVAC UV light installation, which is why so many of our customers refer us to their friends and neighbor.

When you need a local company that you can trust and rely on, call Mister Quik. We will provide you with a no-obligation quote and consultation, and we have a wide range of options that are sure to meet your HVAC needs. Call us today for your new HVAC UV light installation in Westfield.