When the typical Midwestern city comes to mind, you don’t think of the humid and sweltering heat of cities like New Orleans, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Midwest is still considered a subtropical climate. Residents of Westfield, IN know, that once the summertime arrives, it’s time to make sure that their AC unit is functioning at maximum capacity.

There is more than one type of air conditioning available on the market for today’s homeowners. We’ll learn today about one popular option known as the mini-split HVAC system, and where to contract services for the purchase and installation of these units.

What is a Mini-Split AC Unit?

To understand what a mini-split air conditioner is and how it works, you must first understand this type of air conditioning: central air. A central air conditioning unit is generally regarded as the most efficient way to cool and maintain the temperature inside a house.

Two separate systems are utilized by a central air unit to keep the inside of your house cool. The AC unit itself is kept outdoors next to the house, and the evaporator coil is found inside the home, usually either in the basement or in the attic.

The refrigerant is housed in the outdoor unit, where it is compressed and then transported to the indoor coil. As this is happening, the warm air from inside the home is sucked out through the ductwork and run across the cooled evaporator coils. The refrigerant and coil work in tandem to remove humidity and heat inside the house and to pump conditioned air back into the house through the ducts.

Mini-split AC units also contain two different main parts comprised of the outdoor refrigerant compressor and the indoor AC unit that is located in the room the owner is trying to cool. The indoor and outdoor units are connected by a series of pipes that enable hot air to be transported to the outdoor condenser and cooled quickly before being sent straight back to the indoor AC unit. The biggest difference is that there’s not extensive ductwork like there is with central AC systems.

The AC units with a mini-split system are often mounted to a floor or ceiling. Multiple units can also be connected to the outdoor compressor, allowing for multiple rooms to be cooled just like with a central air system.

Are There Advantages to a Mini-Split System?

While central air conditioning systems are still popular throughout the United States, ductless mini-split systems are increasing in popularity. If you’re looking into a mini-split installation in Indianapolis, there are some real advantages to consider, which include:

Although central air systems remain king of the AC market, for now, mini-split systems are continuing to increase in prevalence and popularity. There are several reasons why you should consider investing in a mini-split system in Westfield, IN.

They Are Energy Efficient

Nearly one-third of the cooled air can be lost in a central AC system as it travels through the ductwork. Ducts are often compromised by leaks, cracks, or holes in addition to being plagued by loose connection points where the air is lost. Mini-split systems don’t use ducts, and are therefore more efficient, producing a positive effect on both the environment and your utility statement each month.

They Are Easily Installed

If the house you’re moving into already has a central AC system, then the chance is it already has all the ductworks that are required for such a system. But if you’re moving into an older home that was built before central AC, a mini-split system is the perfect alternative. You are guaranteed to save time and money this way.

Temperature Are Controlled Room-by-Room

One of the great inefficiencies of a central AC unit is that it cools the entire house, even if you’re not using it. By purchasing a mini-split system, your home can be cooled more efficiently because it only cools the rooms you’re occupying.

With a ductless mini-split system, you can set individual thermostats for each room, meaning you can opt out of cooling rooms that are currently vacant. This also allows people to control the temperatures individually to their comfort level.

Air Quality Improvements

Regular central AC units have been known to circulate dirt, dust, and other pollutants throughout the house. Additionally, mold spores and bacteria can be circulated along with allergens and pollen. Mini-split systems don’t use ducts and are equipped with strong replaceable filters that catch pollution before it gets to you.

Can a Mini-Split System Be Installed by a Layperson?

Although it is theoretically possible for a layperson to install a mini-split system, it is highly recommended that you contact a professional home services company for optimal results. Installing mini-split systems in Westfield, IN will be much easier and give better results if you have a team of technical professionals doing it for you.

Who Do I Call for a Mini-Split Installation in Westfield, In?

Mister Quik Home Services is a team of seasoned professional technicians with more than twenty years of experience with AC installations in the greater Westfield, IN area. They take pride in offering the highest quality of work along with the highest grade of customer service. They will happily provide you with everything you need to have a mini-split system installed in your home or business. Contact the professionals at Mister Quik today!