At present, there are more people than at any other time in history who are spending time at home. Children are home from school due to COVID-19, accessing their classrooms via computers. More people than ever before are working from home full time. This means that air quality within the home is of tremendous importance as the air people breathe impacts their health. Air quality at home has rarely been more critical than it is at present when people must wear masks in public. The number one way to improve air quality in any home is to have a HEPA air filtration system installed by trained, experienced technicians.

HEPA Filtration Cleans the Air

When air quality matters, the only filter for the job is a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. HEPA filters provide genuine relief for people with severe respiratory allergies and conditions such as asthma and COPD. However, improving your home’s air quality makes the home more comfortable for everyone, both those who live there and those who visit. Many times, the first step to improving air quality is to install a HEPA filtration system. However, those filters require regular replacement. This job is apt to irritate a homeowner’s allergies. HVAC technicians have special equipment for this delicate job.

Mister Quik is delighted to assist with HEPA filtration system installations and HEPA filter replacements in Westfield, IN. We will remove and dispose of your old, dirty filter, careful not to dislodge any allergens into your home. We’ll replace the dirty filter with one that is pristine and ready to work. Mister Quick technicians are well-trained, insured, have had background checks, and will quickly and professionally provide the assistance you need.

HEPA Filtration is the Industry Standard

HEPA filters screen the air circulating in your home to remove nearly all dust, pollen, mold, pet hair, and bacteria. Pleated HEPA filters are capable of removing everything from the air that is 0.3 microns or larger. HEPA air filters come with a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, or MERV, which allows people to choose how much filtration they feel is best for their situation. The higher the MERV value of a filter, the better it traps air particles. Nothing cleans the air better than HEPA filtration.

Most home HVAC systems employ woven fiberglass filters, which work well enough to protect the furnace from dust and debris, but which still leave vulnerable people unprotected. Fiberglass filters do not trap all dust and pollen and allow bacteria and mold spores to flow through. HEPA filters, by contrast, catch 99.97% of all contaminants present in the air. Shopping centers, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and more are all examples of institutions that are concerned with air quality. All of them use some form of HEPA filtration.

Do You Need a HEPA Filter?

Not every home requires a HEPA filter. This determination is typically made on an individual basis, taking into account the specific requirements of those within the home and familiarity with the house itself. HEPA filters are somewhat larger than fiberglass filters and may require modification to your existing HVAC system, so only take this step when necessary. Homes that would benefit from the installation of a HEPA filter are those that have:

After installing a HEPA filter, the homeowner will likely experience significant improvement in all of these areas. Call Mister Quick to find out more about the benefits of HEPA filter replacement in Westfield, IN.

Mister Quik is Your HEPA Filtration Expert in Westfield, IN

Mister Quik is the company to call when you’re having air quality issues in the Westfield area. They will diagnose your problem and provide the solution quickly and efficiently. Filtration is easy to overlook in the rotation of home maintenance chores, but few things are as important. Schedule Mister Quik to routinely replace your HEPA filters and never worry about the air you breathe within your home again. Regular filter replacement improves the people’s health within the home and extends the home’s forced-air system’s life and functionality.

Worry no more about the air that you breathe. Contact Mister Quik to install a HEPA filtration system within your home and to replace existing HEPA filters. Our team of expert technicians is standing by to assist you. Call today, and soon you’ll be breathing easy once again.