Water Leak Calculator

How much water is that slow drip wasting? Calculate the gallons of water per day, month, & year that are going down the drain with the use of our water loss calculator. If you’re experiencing water loss, we can help!

Water Loss Calculator

That annoying drip coming from your kitchen faucet could be costing more than you think. The EPA estimates that more than 1 Trillion gallons of water leak from our homes nationwide each year. That’s equal to over 3,000 gallons for every person in the United States. Even something as small as a slow drip can add up quickly. Calculate your leak loss below using our calculator.


Enter number of drips per minute into the box below and then click the Calculate button:
Gallons per Day
Gallons in a 30 day Month
Gallons lost in a Year

Is That Leak Costing You More Than You Thought?

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