Battery Back-Up Sump Pumps

Don’t let a power outage cause your basement or crawl space to flood. Protect your home with a battery back-up sump pump from Mister Quik.

Why Should You Buy a Battery Back-Up?

When a basement floods, homeowners are often faced with thousands of dollars in repair and renovations, not to mention countless hours of added stress and work. While installing a sump pump in your home is the first step to a dry, safe basement, your basement is still vulnerable to flooding. Installing a battery backup sump pump will guarantee that your basement stays dry even after the power goes out.

How Can a Sump Pump Battery Back-Up Help?

There’s no doubt that sump pumps are one of the wisest investments a homeowner can make, but even the best sump pump is nothing without a battery backup to protect against power outages. Sump pump battery backups can help:
  • Keep your basement dry when your primary sump pump fails.
  • Notifies you with an alarm when there is a failure.
  • Turns on automatically when the primary pump quits working.
  • Continues pumping for up to 6-hours.
  • Automatically runs a self-test each week to insure proper operation.
Interested in installing a sump pump battery back-up in your home? Give us a call at 317.468.9170 for a quote or schedule an estimate using our online form today.
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