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Organizational Tips to Hide Clutter from Guests

Organizational Tips to Hide Clutter from Guests

This time of year is when we expect the occupancy of our homes to expand from the normal immediate family to extended branches of the family tree and friends. This means your home needs to be ready to host gatherings, and that means you need to hide your clutter.

Mister Quik wants your home to be just as inviting as it is comfortable, so we’ve compiled some tips to help you hide clutter from guests.

First thing’s first: Ask yourself, “What do I want from this space?” Do you want clean countertops in your kitchen for easy meal prep? Or how about making your bedroom a place of relaxation, quiet-times, and easy dressing.

organizational tip for clutter

Dedicate a drawer in the kitchen for a charging station.

Here are some out-of-the-box de-clutter ideas to help you accomplish these goals:

  • Use toilet paper rolls to organize and store cables, keeping them tangle-free. Stack them in baskets or containers for storage.
  • Use large, deep drawers to store and hide laundry hampers in the laundry room or bedroom closet.
  • Use a clear garment bag to store tubes of wrapping paper—hanging this in the closet keeps it straight and allows for easy viewing.
  • Use baskets in laundry rooms and bathrooms to store items on shelves. Decorative tags can be used to label the baskets for easy identification.
  • Wine racks make great towel storage displays in your bathroom.
  • Use coat hooks in your closet for your pants—hang up pants that you wear the most with coat racks on the wall—this makes it easy to find your favorite jeans with less clutter (and less chance of them being wrinkled)
  • Utilize an old ladder as storage displays for blankets, towels or shoes
  • A cool-looking vase can store your remote controls in one area
  • Attach small hinges to one side of a painting or photo canvas, attaching the other side to the wall. This can be used to camouflage your thermostat or home security system.
  • Dedicate a drawer in your kitchen or office as a charging station (see photo). Attach a power strip to the back of the drawer, with a hole drilled out the back for the cord to the plugin.
  • Don’t forget to schedule your routine maintenance so you know your home comfort system is ready for guests, so that’s one less worry.

These would make easy weekend DIY projects you can share with everyone in the family.