Anyone who ever wondered how the American pioneers in covered wagon trains managed to bathe and wash their clothes and cooking utensils using only what water they found along the way appreciates the miracle of having indoor hot running water. The ability to step into a hot shower and lather up is one of life’s true luxuries and one of modern engineering’s great success stories.

Today, instead of a campfire, water heaters provide hot water for families everywhere at the turn of a spigot. Over time, we have come to take this incredible ability for granted. That is until the day comes when you turn the hot water spigot and nothing but cold water flows. Suddenly, all of your attention is on your hot water heater. What in the world could be wrong?

Water Heater Woes

The issues that affect water heaters are predictable, and every homeowner’s water heater is vulnerable at some point in time. The following are ways that water heaters indicate that something isn’t quite right.

No Hot Water

Some water heaters are electric while others use gas. Both fail to heat when their connection to the heating source breaks down. If your water isn’t heating, check the water heater’s source of power. It is easier to flip a tripped breaker. You’ll want to call for professional help if the heating element requires replacement.

Water is Too Hot

The homeowner normally sets the temperature for the hot water heater somewhere between 130°–140°. This range works well for most household requirements. Water much hotter than 140° is apt to scald an unwary user. Overheated water is often caused by a dying element or a faulty thermostat. A trained technician can easily detect and replace faulty parts.

Discolored Water

Water that is brown, black, yellow or rusty red is water that indicates contamination and trouble. The contamination may be from a lack of filtration, or a dirty filter, and can also be the result of pipe corrosion. Broken pipes usually are indicated by reduced water flow, but breaks sometimes send pipe wall debris into the clean water system.

Low Hot Water Pressure

There is low water pressure and then there is low hot water pressure. Overall low water pressure could mean a number of things. However, almost always, when the hot water pressure is lower than the cold, the reason is because of a build-up of mineral deposits on the inside of the pipes. This is an especially noticeable problem in areas with hard water. Hard water is rich in a multitude of minerals.

Strange Noises

Most of the time, your hot water operates silently in the background and draws little attention. However, if for any reason your water heater begins to squawk and pop, its strange sounds may be due to a build-up of minerals on the water heater’s interior. If not remedied, over time, this buildup may cause your hot water heater to explode. Noblesville water heater repair services technicians can prevent this dangerous occurrence from taking place.


Many homes have been completely or partially destroyed because of a leaking hot water heater. Often, hot water heaters are tucked away in out-of-the-way places, such as basements, garages, closets, or behind-wall panels. When hot water heaters reside in places not seen, their leaks are rarely detected promptly. Unexplained puddles, wet carpeting for no known reason, and growth of mold are all symptomatic of a leaking hot water heater.

Hot Water Heater Replacement

Home water heaters have a set lifespan. Internal rust and unchecked mineral deposits tend to shorten their lives. When the end comes, you’ll want to find a professional technician to discuss with you your replacement hot water heater. This may be the time to upgrade to a larger heater. Mister Quik technicians will both install your new heater and take away the old heater so that you are not tasked with having to do so.

Mister Quik Has Your Back

Few things are as unpleasant as an unwanted cold shower, having to wash dishes in cold water, or having to heat the water before being able to use it. Mister Quik has a reputable and experienced team of professionals ready to assist you as soon as you call. Don’t live without hot water. It isn’t civilized or modern. For more than two decades, Mister Quik has been offering help to homeowners in need. If you are currently experiencing hot water problems, give us a call today and ask for a free estimate.