When dealing with the HVAC system in your home, you want it to operate as efficiently as possible. This is not only environmentally responsible, but it also helps lower energy costs. Although scheduling regular maintenance inspections for the cooling and heating systems in your home is one way to improve efficiency, there is also another: sealing ducts.

If you schedule an appointment from Mister Quik Home Services for duct sealing services in Noblesville, they will ensure the ducts in your system are not losing cold or hot air through leaks in the air pipes. Their expert technicians are experienced at detecting and fixing leaks any and everywhere they may appear in the duct system. They are committed to customer service and won’t call it a day until you, as the customer, are satisfied with the services rendered.

What is Duct Sealing?

The air ducts are the pipes and passageways that allow warm and cool air to travel from your HVAC unit and spread throughout the building. As the air passes through these pipes, it loses a certain amount of energy, but most of the warmed or cooled air remains inside the pipe and exits only through the vent at the end of the passageway.

If leaks are present in ducts, heated or cooled air is lost in significant volume before it ever has time to reach the vent. Whenever this occurs, the heating and the cooling unit become overworked to compensate for the lost yields in warm or cool air delivered to the vent. This can cause the rooms to become hotter or colder than desired.

Having your ducts sealed eliminates these leaks and ensures the warmed or cooled air is delivered to the desired location without being lost along the way. Although it is possible for homeowners to attempt to seal leaks without professional help, they will not be able to detect every leak accurately. 

How Sealing Ducts Works

In earlier times, the best product on the market for leak sealing in air ducts was a product called duct mastic. Duct mastic is an adhesive substance that hardens over gaps as it dries. Mister Quik does not use duct mastic. Mister Quik uses a superior product called Aeroseal when sealing ducts in Noblesville.

Prior to having the ducts sealed, the ducts first must be cleaned professionally by the Mister Quik technicians. After that’s done, a professional will seal every register and run a complete diagnostic test to check for leaks in the air system.

If the leaks are detected within the system, the technicians will seal the air conditioner coils, fans, and furnace to ensure that Aeroseal doesn’t contaminate those parts of the system. Once these systems are secure, Aeroseal will be injected into the air ducts. Flowing air will assist even distribution of the material through the duct system, causing it to permanently seal cracks and holes up to 5/8″ in diameter.

The whole operation only takes a few hours, with the little post-work cleanup. After the air passages are sealed, homeowners will notice a pronounced improvement in the performance of their heating and cooling system, followed by a significantly lowered utility statement the following month.

Duct Sealing Advantages

If you’re thinking about having your ducts sealed in Noblesville, there are several experienced advantages that you should keep in mind, including:

Superior Comfort

After duct sealing services, less cool or warm air will be lost in the attic, basement, and walls of your house. That means you’ll have greater control over the temperature. It also means that maintaining the desired temperature and humidity level will be easier.

Decreased Expenses

Reducing the amount of air lost through duct sealing will automatically result in reduced utility costs, but that’s not all. Having sealed ducts means the system doesn’t overwork itself and prevents the need for costly repairs to the system’s most critical and expensive parts. Sealed ducts extend the life of your air conditioning and heating equipment.

Increased Air Quality

As air leaks out of the system through the duct passages, the particles in the air you breathe, including dirt, mold, pollen, dander, and other pollution, aren’t delivered to the air filter. Instead, they leak and build up inside the walls because of reduced pressure. Leaks also can cause other pollution from inside the walls to contaminate your air system. Having the ducts sealed eliminates both of these issues.

Professional HVAC Technicians near You

When you’re able to schedule duct sealing in Noblesville, call the professionals at Mister Quik Home Services. They’ll send a technician to your home and get your air ducts sealed quickly.