Nothing feels quite as good as walking into a cooled home on a hot summer’s day, or as miserable as walking into a stifling hot room that’s not being cooled the way it should be. Noblesville, Indiana residents have every reason to want proper AC units in proper working order or at least a quick replacement when the time is right. Expect that your old unit will only be good for approximately ten years. After that, if you’re lucky, you may get a couple of good years out of it, but it’s running on borrowed time.

Deciding on an AC replacement in Noblesville, Indiana can be beneficial for almost any older home, but before shelling out the money for a new one, think about exactly what you need from the new appliance.

Can’t We Just Fix the Old Unit? Do I Have to Buy a New One?

It’s in most people’s DNA to want to fix the old unit instead of buying new; it’s only natural. But, the thing to keep in mind is that while the old unit may continue to chug along with repairs, the cost of repairs is eventually going to outweigh the advantages.

Older AC units often use a refrigerant that is being phased out of usage due to environmental implications. Moreover, by trying to keep that unit going, you could be paying more over the long haul than it would cost to simply buy a new appliance. Granted, a minor part replacement is something you definitely should do, however, if the AC is old or has seen its better days, it’s probably going to need a host of periodic repairs. Further, it’s likely it’s an energy hog and could be replaced with a much more efficient system. This would definitely save you on your utility bills.

How Big of an AC Unit Should I Purchase?

You want your house to be properly cooled, so it’s important that you buy the correct size system upfront. While it’s easy to think you’d just replace the old one with the same size you had before, that’s not always the case. It’s quite common that the original unit was never the right one for your home at all.

For homeowners who’ve been in their house for a number of years, it’s possible you’ve modified the house a few times through the years. You may have added on a sunroom or converted the garage into a room. If your square footage of usable space has increased, it’s quite likely that you’ll need a larger, stronger unit. On the other hand, if you’ve added new insulation or made the ductwork more effective, it’s possible you won’t need as powerful of a unit this time around.

What Are the Advantages of a Modern AC Model?

Easily, the most common answer is that most newer, more modern models will save homeowners on energy and thus their utility bills. It’s true that the high-efficiency models are a bit pricier than other ACs, over the long haul, they can actually save you money. Many of the units also allow you to qualify for a rebate or government incentive program, so be sure to see if you are eligible for a utility rebate or government incentives. With programs like this, you may be able to purchase the pricier model and reduce your cooling costs.

Another less often noted advantage of a modern ac replacement in Noblesville, Indiana is that you’ll control a house’s humidity. Comfort and cooling don’t always go hand in hand. Reducing the humidity in the house is a big plus for many people.

Should I Consider a Programmable Thermostat?

While you don’t want the house to heat up dramatically when you’re gone, it doesn’t have to be as cool as you might have it when you’re at home. Why spend the extra on your utility bill when no one is at home between 8 and 4. With a programmable thermostat, you can have the system startup an hour or so before you come home so that the home will be just where you like it upon arrival. Don’t sacrifice comfort in an effort to save on costs.

Smart thermostats learn your habits and know when they can cut back to save their owner’s money. So, if you’re considering an AC replacement in Noblesville, Indiana, think about buying an upgraded thermostat, too.

Make a Decision Now

Before the summer highs hit your neighborhood, take a look at what you have and start shopping around for a more efficient model. You’ll be amazed by the improvements that have been made to both units and thermostats in recent years. A Mister Quik Home Services Technician will review your options for AC replacement in Noblesville, Indiana and help you make the best decision for your home. Give us a call today.