Property owners need heating and cooling systems to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. If the systems are showing signs of an issue, the property owner will need to schedule an inspection and repairs promptly. Without fast services, they could face unexpected breakdowns and lose their heating or cooling system at inopportune times.

Sudden and Unexplained Energy Costs

A major difference between the current and previous month’s energy bills warrant an inspection of the cooling or heating unit. HVAC systems draw more power when the units cycle more frequently. A common reason for frequent cycling is component failures, and the unit will consume more power to compensate for the lost component.

When inspecting the unit, the HVAC technician will test the components until they find the culprit, and they will provide a complete estimate for replacing the component. Once the component is replaced, the energy costs will return to normal.

Inconsistent Airflow Through the Property 

Inconsistent airflow throughout the property indicates an issue with the ductwork, and the technician will open it up to see what is causing the problem. Ductwork cleaning could eliminate debris from preventing air from flowing through the home properly. If cleaning doesn’t correct the problem, the technician will measure the ductwork and determine if it is the best size for the home.

Too often, inferior HVAC service providers will not replace the ductwork when completing new air or heating installations, and if the ductwork isn’t the right size for the unit and the home, it could prevent proper airflow.

Blockages in the Unit

Seasonal cleaning is the best course for finding any blockages before the homeowner starts their heating or cooling units. Between the seasons, dust, dirt, and pet hair accumulate inside the interior units, and technicians must clean it out to ensure proper operation.

The exterior units could accumulate debris from trees such as pine straw, dirt, and leaves during each season, and the debris must be removed to prevent blockages. A blockage inside either unit could lead to an overheated motor and prevent the fan from turning properly. Seasonal cleaning is the best choice for preventing problems ahead of time.

Unexplainable Smells Coming from the Unit

Unexplainable smells coming from the heating or cooling units are often caused by dirty ductwork and filters. Homeowners must remove the existing filter at least once a month to control debris inside the air conditioning and heating units. If they have higher volumes of debris in their home, the property owner will need to change out the filter more frequently especially if they have long-haired pets.

If the issue isn’t the filter, the technician can open and clean out the ductwork. They will vacuum out the ductwork and wash out all the vents. The cleaning services can eliminate a variety of odors that accumulate inside the ductwork. If the property owner scheduled pest control services for an infestation recently, the technicians can clean out the entire system to ensure that dead pests are not trapped inside the interior or exterior units.

Refrigerant or Gas Leak

Homeowners are advised to install a carbon monoxide detector in their home if they use gas to heat their home. The detectors engage an alarm any time that the gas is detected in the home, and the property owner must shut down their gas immediately and contact their service provider. They cannot remain in the home after carbon monoxide was detected, and the presence of the gas in their home indicates that their heating system has a gas leak.

A refrigerant leak prevents the air conditioning unit from producing cool air properly. When the levels are low, the air coming from the unit will be warm, and the condenser coil may freeze. A technician will need to charge the unit with refrigerant after they find and fix the leak.

Where to Get HVAC Services

Mister Quik Home Services offers a wealth of HVAC services for property owners. We offer routine maintenance, repairs, and new installations for all heating and cooling systems. Our technicians are well-versed in HVAC services and are certified to manage refrigerant levels and gas leaks. Our company has an extraordinary history of offering superior customer service for all property owners. Homeowners can learn more about the services by contacting us directly and scheduling an appointment.