We already know that the air we breathe is polluted. There are endless news stories, data publications, and global warming activists that tell us how bad the air we breathe really is. You don’t need to see polluted air to know it’s there, so although the air might look clean, it most definitely isn’t.

It might shock you to find out that the Indianapolis area has the 53rd worst air quality out of 1517 cities that the IQAir has ranked. The city also has an F for unhealthy air as rated by the American Lung Association. As you can imagine, an F is not good. Don’t even get us started on the Environmental Protection Agency standards for ozone levels. Indianapolis doesn’t meet them.

So, even though you can’t see the polluted air, it most definitely is all around. That’s why it’s more important than ever to call on the services that Mister Quik offers for air purification. If your home doesn’t even have an air purification system and you don’t think you need one, the information in this quick read might convince you otherwise.

How Air Purification Systems Work

Lurking in the dark of your home, you will find dust, dirt, and allergens. You may feel you are a clean freak, but that doesn’t stop the pollutants circulating in the air from getting into your lungs. Sometimes, if you look through a ray of light shining through the window, you will see the many particles floating in the air.

Working alongside your heating and air conditioning unit, an air purification system draws in those particles that you might not easily be able to see, and a series of filters trap the matter and prevents it from returning to the air within your home.

Air purification systems are self-sufficient other than a required six-month filter change. If any issues arise, our experts will be on hand to carry out the air purification system repairs. If any issues occur before the end of the six-month period, our experts at Mister Quik will be on hand to find a solution. Often, it’s an issue with the filter that will cause a problem.

Reasons to Get Air Purification Systems in Noblesville

The statistics mentioned in the introduction should be enough to convince you of your needs for an air purification system. There are long-term health issues linked to consistently breathing polluted air. For anyone already suffering from a breathing-related issue such as asthma, it would be a necessity to have a functioning air purification system within the home.

Allergy sufferers will also benefit from the advantages an air purification system brings. During the summer months, allergies such as hay fever and asthma flare-ups. Air purification systems are not there to cure these issues, but they can provide a haven within the home by removing them.

It seems an obvious solution to those suffering from allergies or preexisting health conditions to invest in an air purification system. Hay fever sufferers feel enormous benefits from having an air purification system during the months when pollen is high.

Air purification systems are also great for getting rid of unwanted lingering smells. If you cook smelly foods or perhaps have a dog that enjoys swimming, air purification systems can be a godsend for getting rid of those smells quickly.

Last but not least, having an air purification system in your home makes you a healthier individual. Consistently breathing in purified air rather than polluted air will have amazing long-term health benefits.

Breathing Easy Saves Money

Another significant benefit, air purification systems also save you money in the long run. The pollutants in the air are the primary cause for issues with other HVAC appliances, such as your furnace or air conditioning unit.

These appliances draw in the particles circulating around your home and have damaging effects. Dirty filters are easy enough to sort, but they are an added cost that could be prevented with the use of an air purification system.

Plus, air purification systems are not as expensive as you might assume. Once they’re installed, they rarely require any additional costs to help them run.

If an air purification system sounds like just the thing you need for your home, our experts at Mister Quik are on hand to cater to your every need. Our experts can offer the advice you need to make sure you’re set up with the right air purification system for your home, helping you to breathe freely all year round. Give us a call today!