Noblesville, Indiana homeowners know that the winters can be brutal, not just because of the cold, but also because of the low humidity. The dry air can cause chapped lips, dry skin, and split ends, but what most people don’t realize is that dry air can also make it easier for many viruses to spread.

Purchasing a portable humidifier will only do so much good. The device will be able to treat a small area of the home, and it must be moved every time residents want to humidify a new room. It will also require a ton of maintenance, including frequent tank refills and cleaning.

Looking for a better solution to improving indoor air quality in the winter? Mister Quik Home Services can install a whole-house humidifier that will treat 100% of the air entering living spaces through the home’s existing HVAC system.

Why Use a Humidifier

Winters in Noblesville, Indiana can feel pretty long. Residents wind up spending most of their free time in their houses, just to escape the cold. While just about all modern homes are equipped with furnaces that keep the air warm, those furnaces do nothing to maintain optimal humidity levels. In fact, furnaces often dry the air out even more, which can cause a variety of problems.

Whole house humidifiers are the best solution. They offer many benefits to both residents’ health and the longevity of their belongings, and even their homes. Here are just a few of them:

Better Health

The viruses that cause the flu and most common colds all thrive in excessively dry air. Humidifiers create an environment that’s less conducive to their spread, which is crucial in the winter when people spend a lot of time indoors. In the spring and summer, humidifiers can also help to combat allergies.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality isn’t just about reducing levels of airborne contaminants. Getting the humidity levels just right is also important. Poor air quality due to low humidity leads to cracked skin and lips, creates problems with static electricity, and reduces residents’ comfort. A whole-house humidifier alleviates all those problems.

Preserve Furniture

Overly dry environments can also impact wood furniture. The dry air can cause even treated wood to crack or warp. A humidifier will protect wood furniture, instruments, and even building materials like wood flooring.

Benefits of Humidifying the Whole Home

Whole-house humidifiers in Noblesville, Indiana are much more effective than their portable alternatives. They are capable of maintaining consistent humidity levels throughout the entire home, year-round, without moving any machines from room to room or changing out water buckets.

The reason whole-house humidifiers are so much more effective is that they are integrated directly into the home’s HVAC and plumbing systems. The humidifier pulls water from the home plumbing and uses it to generate moist air, which can then be routed through the ducts to reach every room.

Homeowners don’t have to worry about maintenance. They can set their preferred humidity levels using a digital control that operates like a traditional thermostat, then sit back and relax. All the maintenance that’s required can be provided at annual HVAC inspections from Mister Quik.

Busting Myths About Whole-House Humidifiers

A lot of people think, wrongly, that whole house humidifiers will cause problems once the air outside starts to warm up and become more humid. They assume that, once the weather starts to turn, their devices will generate an excess of water vapor and turn the home into a perfect environment for mold. Thankfully, that’s not the case.

Whole House Humidifiers Are Just As Helpful in the Summer As They Are in the Winter

The humidifiers installed by Mister Quik feature dual-sensor auto settings. Homeowners can set them to maintain 35 to 45% relative humidity levels year-round, and the humidifiers do all the rest. There’s never any need to worry about excess humidity and the problems that come along with it.

Whole-House Humidifiers Are Great in the Summer

A professionally installed whole-house humidifier will be just as helpful in the summer as the winter. It will help to combat the drying effect of air conditioning units, which can turn modern, energy-efficient homes into tiny, excessively dry microclimates. Combating the negative effects of excessive air conditioning can help to alleviate allergy symptoms and ensure that the AC unit operates efficiently.

Schedule an Installation with Mister Quik

Mister Quik performs whole-house humidifier installations in Noblesville, Indiana year-round. Whether homeowners are ready to take the plunge or they still have some questions before scheduling an installation, they can trust the experts at Mister Quik to help. There’s no obligation, so call today to explore options and get a free estimate.