Individuals rarely think about the air quality in their homes. Nevertheless, this needs to be a top priority for every individual, as the Environmental Protection Agency reports indoor air contains more pollutants than the air we breathe when outside. Bacteria accumulate in the air for several reasons, but people rarely notice until someone becomes ill.

When a family member must visit the doctor because they have a lingering illness or dust appears to be overtaking the home, a person might wonder what the underlying cause is. Often, they need to assess the air quality in the residence to find the root of the problem. Many factors that contribute to poor air quality remain in control of the homeowner, but not all do.

Anyone struggling to improve the air quality within their home should turn to Mister Quik Home Services in Noblesville for help. Experienced technicians evaluate the home to determine where the problem lies and how best to rectify it, so everyone in the residence can breathe easier.

Poor Air Quality Symptoms

Men and women often don’t know the symptoms of poor air quality. Furthermore, these symptoms tend to creep up over time, making it easy to overlook them. What should a person look for when they assess the air quality in their home?

Excessive dust in the home or a build-up of grime suggests a problem exists with the air quality. The same holds when a person notices unpleasant or unusual odors in the residence. Many people discover they have an issue when they discover hot or cold spots in their house.

Women and men learn they need to assess the air quality in the home when they become ill. Headaches remain common among people who live in a home with poor air quality, and quite a few individuals suffer from dry skin or cold-like symptoms. Other men and women suffer from dizziness, fatigue, or nausea.

When the air quality in a home is less than ideal, the occupants might find they are uncomfortable when in the house, or they battle illness. This explains why it is so important to identify the underlying cause and appropriate solutions to correct it.

HEPA Devices

City dwellers understand airborne pollutants exist all around them. They frequently believe when they enter the home they leave these contaminants behind. Sadly, they don’t, as the pollutants make their way into the home through the doors, windows, and heating and cooling system. Removing these airborne particles becomes easy when a homeowner makes use of a HEPA filter.

HEPA or high-efficiency particulate air filters come with a mesh filter designed to collect particles from the air. This includes smoke from cigarettes, dust mites, pet dander, smog, and pollen.

Many air purifiers make use of HEPA filters today. Consumers find these filters in a range of sizes, making it easy to locate the right product for any device. The filters remain in operation 24 hours a day to reduce the number of airborne contaminants in the home.


Humidity serves as another factor influencing the air quality in homes in Noblesville. Individuals suffering from dry skin, sore throats when they wake up, nosebleeds, or excessive static electricity in the home likely need to add moisture to the air.

Mister Quik works with customers to determine if a humidifier would benefit their home. When the right device is found, technicians come into the home to install the whole-house humidifier in an inconspicuous place near the heating and cooling system. These devices often come with sensors and an auto mode, so homeowners never need to worry about turning it on or off. However, some homeowners find the humidity level in the home consistently remains too high. Occupants feel hot, sticky, and uncomfortable when this is the case, and the air itself feels heavy. Fortunately, Mister Quik offers dehumidifiers for those who find they have this issue.

The dehumidifier helps to reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth. Furthermore, it protects sensitive items from damage, as high humidity levels damage musical instruments and more. The unit improves the air quality of the home while making the occupants more comfortable.

UV Lights

The sun serves as a natural disinfectant. Bring the power of the sun into the home with the help of UV lights. These lights remove 99 percent of viruses, mold, and bacteria today, making them an excellent source of pollutant removal in the home. Contact Mister Quik Home Services to have a technician come install a UV light in the duct system. This system holds most air pollution found in homes today, and the light addresses the problem at the source.

Homeowners who invest in UV lights find the air quality in the home improves immediately. Occupants breathe easier, and the installation process only takes a few hours. The light is safe to use and homeowners rest easy knowing it is mercury and ozone-free.

Mini-Split Systems

Certain areas of the home may remain hot or cold when the rest of the residence is at a comfortable temperature. Mini-split systems offer an alternative to a new HVAC system when this is the case. This system allows the homeowner to control the temperature in certain parts of the home without altering the temperature in others. This helps the owner save money on energy. Furthermore, when Mister Quik installs a high-quality mini-split system, the homeowner receives a five-year warranty under the SHAPE maintenance plan.

Contact us today to learn more about our Noblesville air quality services. We all want to breathe fresh, clean air. The team at Mister Quik helps customers achieve this goal every day.