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Mooresville Tankless Water Heater Replacement

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When to Replace Tankless Water Heater

 When it comes to your tankless water heater, understanding when it’s time for a replacement is crucial for maintaining efficiency and avoiding unexpected breakdowns. Here are key indicators suggesting it’s time to consider replacing your tankless water heater, brought to you by Mister Quik Home Services in Mooresville:


  • Age of the Unit: Tankless water heaters typically have a lifespan of around 20 years with proper maintenance. If your unit is approaching or has surpassed this timeframe, it’s wise to start considering a replacement. Even if it’s still functioning, older units may become less efficient over time, leading to higher energy bills.
  • Decreased Efficiency: As tankless water heaters age, they may become less efficient at heating water. If you notice a decrease in water temperature or a reduction in the amount of hot water produced, it could be a sign that your unit is nearing the end of its lifespan. Replacing it with a newer, more efficient model can help you regain optimal performance and lower your energy costs.
  • Frequent Repairs: Are you constantly dealing with repairs and maintenance issues with your tankless water heater? If so, it may be more cost-effective in the long run to invest in a new unit rather than continually paying for repairs. Additionally, older units are more prone to breakdowns, leading to inconvenient and costly disruptions in your hot water supply.
  • Changes in Water Quality: Over time, mineral buildup and sediment can accumulate within your tankless water heater, impacting water quality and potentially causing damage to the unit. If you notice changes in the color or taste of your water, it could indicate corrosion or other issues within the system. Replacing your tankless water heater allows you to start fresh with clean, reliable hot water.
  • Increased Energy Bills: Have you noticed a sudden spike in your energy bills despite no significant changes in your household’s hot water usage? This could be a sign that your tankless water heater is no longer operating efficiently. Older units may struggle to heat water as effectively as newer, more energy-efficient models, leading to higher energy consumption and increased costs.
  • Technology Advancements: Advancements in technology have led to more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly tankless water heater models. If your current unit is outdated, upgrading to a newer model can not only improve performance but also reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on energy bills in the long term.
  • Safety Concerns: Faulty or malfunctioning tankless water heaters can pose safety risks such as gas leaks or water damage. If you notice any unusual smells, sounds, or leaks coming from your unit, it’s essential to address these issues promptly and consider replacing the unit if necessary to ensure the safety of your home and family.


Knowing when to replace your tankless water heater is key to maintaining a reliable supply of hot water and maximizing energy efficiency in your home. If you’re experiencing any of the signs mentioned above, it’s worth consulting with a professional from Mister Quik Home Services in Mooresville to assess your current system and explore replacement options tailored to your needs and budget.

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What Size Tankless Water Heater to Replace a 50 Gallon

 Replacing a 50-gallon traditional water heater with a tankless system requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Here’s what you need to know when determining the appropriate size tankless water heater for your needs, brought to you by Mister Quik Home Services in Mooresville:


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Water Usage Patterns

Start by assessing your household's hot water usage patterns. Consider the number of people in your household, their bathing habits, and any other hot water demands, such as laundry or dishwashing. Understanding your typical hot water usage will help determine the appropriate flow rate and capacity needed from a tankless water heater.

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Flow Rate Requirements

Tankless water heaters are rated by their flow rate, measured in gallons per minute (GPM). To replace a 50-gallon traditional water heater effectively, you'll need a tankless unit with a comparable or higher flow rate to meet your household's hot water demands. Calculate the total GPM required based on simultaneous hot water usage scenarios to ensure adequate supply.

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Temperature Rise

Consider the temperature rise required to achieve your desired hot water temperature. The temperature rise is the difference between the incoming cold water temperature and the desired hot water temperature. Factors such as climate and groundwater temperature can impact the temperature rise needed, so it's essential to account for these variables when selecting a tankless water heater.

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Sizing Guidelines

As a general guideline, a tankless water heater with a flow rate of 5 to 10 GPM is typically sufficient for most single-family homes with moderate hot water demands. However, larger households or those with higher hot water usage may require a tankless unit with a higher flow rate, such as 11 GPM or more. Consult with a professional from Mister Quik Home Services to determine the ideal size for your specific needs.

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Efficiency Ratings

Consider the energy efficiency ratings of different tankless water heater models. Look for units with high Energy Factor (EF) ratings, indicating greater energy efficiency and potential cost savings over time. While higher efficiency models may have a higher upfront cost, they can help lower energy bills and provide long-term savings throughout the lifespan of the unit.

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Space Constraints

Tankless water heaters are typically more compact than traditional storage tanks, making them ideal for homes with limited space. However, it's still essential to consider the available installation space and ensure that the chosen tankless unit can be properly installed according to manufacturer guidelines and local building codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of changing to a tankless water heater can vary depending on several factors, including the type and size of the unit, installation requirements, and any additional modifications needed for your existing plumbing and electrical systems. On average, the upfront cost for a quality tankless water heater can range from $1,800 to $2,500 or more. Installation costs may also vary based on factors like location, complexity of the installation, and whether any upgrades are needed. Additionally, it’s important to consider long-term savings in energy costs, as tankless water heaters are generally more energy-efficient than traditional tank water heaters, potentially offsetting the initial investment over time.

The lifespan of a tankless water heater typically ranges from 10 to 20 years, depending on factors such as usage, water quality, and maintenance. Unlike traditional tank water heaters, tankless models often have a longer lifespan due to their design and efficiency. However, replacement timing may vary. Regular maintenance, such as flushing the system and checking for scale buildup, can help extend the lifespan. It’s advisable to monitor performance over time and consider replacement if the unit becomes less efficient, requires frequent repairs, or if there are technological advancements that make a newer model more energy-efficient or suitable for the household’s needs. Professional assessments and manufacturer recommendations should also be taken into account when determining the appropriate replacement interval.


While technically possible, replacing a tankless water heater is a task that often requires specialized knowledge and skills in plumbing and electrical work. It involves disconnecting and reconnecting gas lines, water lines, and electrical connections. Additionally, local building codes and regulations may have to be followed to ensure safety and compliance. If you’re not experienced in these areas, it’s recommended to hire a qualified professional for the installation to avoid potential safety hazards, damage, or voiding of warranties. Professional installers have the expertise to handle the complexities of tankless water heater installations, ensuring that it functions correctly and meets all safety standards.

Whether to replace an old water heater with a tankless one depends on various factors such as your hot water needs, budget, and long-term goals. Tankless water heaters are known for their energy efficiency, as they only heat water on demand, providing cost savings over time. They also have a longer lifespan compared to traditional tank heaters. However, the initial investment for a tankless system is usually higher. Consider your household’s hot water usage patterns, available space, and budget constraints. If energy efficiency and long-term savings are priorities, a tankless water heater might be a worthwhile investment, but it’s essential to evaluate your specific circumstances before making a decision.

To determine the appropriate size of a tankless water heater to replace a 40-gallon traditional water heater, factors such as the peak hot water demand in your household and the desired flow rate must be considered. Typically, a tankless water heater with a flow rate of 6-8 gallons per minute (GPM) is recommended for an average-sized home with one to two bathrooms. However, for larger households with higher hot water demands, a unit with a higher flow rate may be necessary. It is crucial to evaluate your specific needs, including the number of fixtures and appliances using hot water simultaneously, to ensure the new tankless water heater can meet your household’s requirements. Consulting with a professional plumber can help you determine the most suitable size for your replacement.

Replace Traditional Tank Water Heater with Tankless

Transitioning from a traditional water heater to a tankless system is a significant upgrade for your home. Here’s what you can anticipate throughout the process with Mister Quik Home Services:


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  • Initial Consultation: Schedule a consultation with our experts to discuss your hot water needs and concerns. We’ll assess your current setup and provide personalized recommendations for a tankless solution that fits your home.
  • Evaluation of Existing System: Our technicians will inspect your current hot water heater, considering its size, condition, and location. This assessment helps determine the best tankless unit for your household’s needs and space constraints.
  • Selection of Tankless Water Heater: Based on the evaluation, we’ll recommend a tankless water heater model that aligns with your requirements. Consider factors like energy efficiency, capacity, and installation feasibility when choosing the right unit.
  • Professional Installation: Our skilled team will handle the entire installation process seamlessly. From removing the old system to installing the new tankless unit and making necessary adjustments, we’ll ensure a smooth transition.
  • System Testing and Calibration: After installation, we’ll rigorously test the tankless water heater to verify proper functionality. Our technicians will calibrate the system settings for optimal performance and efficiency tailored to your needs.
  • Training and Education: Receive detailed instructions on operating and maintaining your new tankless water heater. Learn how to adjust temperature settings, troubleshoot common issues, and schedule routine maintenance for longevity.
  • Enjoy Endless Hot Water: Experience the convenience of endless hot water whenever you need it. 
  • Increased Energy Efficiency: With a tankless water heater, enjoy enhanced energy efficiency and potentially lower utility bills. By heating water only as needed, tankless systems minimize energy waste compared to traditional heaters.
  • Long-Term Savings and Benefits: While the initial investment may be higher, a tankless water heater offers significant long-term savings. Enjoy reduced energy costs and maintenance needs, making it a smart investment in your home’s comfort and efficiency.
  • Expert Support and Maintenance: Rely on Mister Quik Home Services for ongoing support and maintenance for your tankless water heater. From regular tune-ups to timely repairs, our team ensures your system remains in top condition for years to come.

Brands of Tankless Water Heaters

 Choosing the best tankless water heater for your home can be a daunting task. At Mister Quik Home Services in Mooresville, we’ve narrowed down the top recommendations to make your decision easier:

Rinnai Seres

Renowned for its reliability and performance, the Rinnai offers a wide range of models to suit various household sizes and hot water demands. With advanced features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and energy-saving technology, Rinnai tankless water heaters deliver consistent hot water while maximizing efficiency.

Navien NPE Series

Navien NPE Series tankless water heaters are known for their innovative features and cutting-edge technology. With dual stainless steel heat exchangers and advanced control systems, Navien units deliver unparalleled performance and reliability. Plus, with built-in recirculation systems and remote monitoring capabilities, Navien tankless water heaters offer added convenience and comfort.

Tankless water heater replacement cost

Replacing your tankless water heater is a significant investment, and understanding the cost involved is essential for planning and budgeting. At Mister Quik Home Services in Mooresville, we provide transparent pricing to help you make informed decisions. Here’s what you need to know about tankless water heater replacement costs:

  • Unit Cost: The cost of the tankless water heater itself is a significant factor in the total replacement cost. Tankless water heaters come in a variety of models and sizes, with prices ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Factors such as brand, features, and capacity can influence the unit cost.
  • Installation Fees: Professional installation is crucial for ensuring the proper functioning and longevity of your tankless water heater. Installation fees typically include labor costs, materials, and any necessary permits. The complexity of the installation, such as retrofitting existing plumbing or electrical systems, can affect the installation fees.
  • Additional Components: In addition to the tankless water heater unit itself, there may be additional components required for the installation. This can include venting systems, gas lines, water lines, and electrical wiring. The cost of these components will vary depending on your home’s existing infrastructure and the specific requirements of the installation.
  • Removal of Old Unit: If you’re replacing an existing hot water heater with a tankless system, there will be costs associated with removing the old unit. This may involve draining and disconnecting the old water heater, as well as safely disposing of it. The cost of removal will depend on factors such as the size and type of the old unit and any disposal fees.
  • Labor Costs: The labor costs associated with tankless water heater replacement can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the installation, local labor rates, and the experience level of the technicians. It’s essential to choose a reputable and experienced contractor like Mister Quik Home Services to ensure quality installation and minimize future issues.

Tankless Water Heater Replacement Near Me

When it comes to replacing your tankless water heater, finding a reliable and experienced provider nearby is essential for a smooth and hassle-free process. At Mister Quik Home Services in Mooresville, we offer top-notch tankless water heater replacement services right in your neighborhood. Here’s what you can expect when choosing us for your tankless water heater replacement needs:

Convenient Location

Located in Mooresville, we're your trusted local provider for tankless water heater replacement services. Our proximity means quick response times and easy access to expert technicians who understand the unique needs of homeowners in the area.

Experienced Professionals

Our team consists of highly trained and experienced technicians who specialize in tankless water heater replacement. With years of hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of various makes and models, you can trust us to deliver exceptional service and quality workmanship.

Personalized Service

We understand that every home and homeowner is unique, which is why we take a personalized approach to every tankless water heater replacement project. From the initial consultation to the final installation, we'll work closely with you to understand your needs, preferences, and budget, ensuring a customized solution that meets your requirements.

Comprehensive Solutions

Whether you're replacing an old tankless water heater or upgrading from a traditional hot water heater, we offer comprehensive solutions to meet your needs. Our services include everything from assessing your current setup and recommending the right tankless unit to professional installation, testing, and calibration.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in transparent pricing and strive to provide our customers with accurate and upfront cost estimates for tankless water heater replacement. You can trust us to provide fair and competitive pricing without any hidden fees or surprises, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

Quality Products

At Mister Quik Home Services, we only work with reputable brands and manufacturers known for their quality and reliability. Whether you prefer Rinnai, or Navien, we'll help you choose the best tankless water heater for your home and budget.

When you choose Mister Quik Home Services for your tankless water heater replacement needs, you can trust that you’re getting the best service, products, and value for your money. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help with your tankless water heater replacement near you.


Troubleshoot Checklist:

Check for Power Supply:
  • Ensure that the tankless water heater is receiving power by checking the circuit breaker or fuse box.
  • Verify that the unit’s power switch, if applicable, is turned on and functioning correctly.
Inspect for Gas Supply:
  • Confirm that the gas supply valve to the tankless water heater is open and supplying gas.
  • Check for any gas leaks by performing a visual inspection and using a gas leak detector if necessary.
Examine Water Supply:
  • Check the water supply valves leading to the tankless water heater to ensure they are fully open and not obstructed.
  • Inspect the water inlet filter for any debris or sediment buildup that may be restricting water flow.
Review Error Codes:
  • Refer to the tankless water heater’s manual or display panel to identify any error codes indicating potential issues.
  • Troubleshoot error codes according to the manufacturer’s recommendations or seek professional assistance if needed.
  • Consider Professional Assistance: If troubleshooting doesn’t resolve the issue, contact Mister Quik Home Services for expert repair services.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance can prevent future issues and extend the lifespan of your tankless water heater

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