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Sewer Line Repair Services in Martinsville

Like hot water that appears on demand, heating and cooling that respond to the touch of a switch, and electricity that awaits your pleasure, the sewer line in the home is taken for granted—a humble and invisible servant working silently underground. Until it doesn’t.

What Sewer Lines Do

Sewer lines play an essential role in home plumbing systems. That system must safely collect and carry away from the house each drop of the water you use during the day. In urban areas with public sewer systems, household wastewater drains into the city sewer via an underground pipe called a lateral or sewer line. In rural areas, that sewer line will lead to a septic tank. Sewer lines are usually four to six inches in diameter and are installed underground at a slope so gravity encourages the flow of wastewater away from the house.

While the sewer line is technologically very simple, it is vulnerable to forces that may cause it to clog or crack. Because local governments typically consider this sewer line to be part of the household plumbing system, owners are responsible for its maintenance and repair.

Signs of Sewer Line Blockages

A clogged sewer line quickly makes itself known. Clogging issues will often manifest themselves at toilets first, but household sinks may drain slowly when minor sewer line clogs occur. Severe sewer line blockages can lead to wastewater backing up, causing flooding and perhaps structural damage in the home. Indicators of a blockage include:

  • Gurgling or bubbling pipes or toilets
  • Slowing interior drains
  • Toilets that are not plugged but refuse to flush
  • The lowest drains in house or toilets backing up
  • Unusual odors inside or out and standing water in the yard
  • Nearby toilets and sinks back up when using the washing machine
  • Water backs up in a nearby tub or shower when flushing a toilet

Broken or Collapsed Pipes

A broken sewer line will fail to carry wastewater to its destination, allowing it to flow into and contaminate the soil. Indicators of a broken sewer line include:

  • Foul odors and strange sounds emanating from the system
  • Slow drains throughout the home
  • Depressions or sinkholes in the driveway or yard
  • Inexplicable, isolated lush green grass

Sewer line cracks or breaks are most often result from:

  • Poor-quality piping materials. Pre-1990 sewer lines were often made of clay or poor-quality plastic. These materials are not sufficiently resilient or rigid.
  • Tree root invasion of the sewer line. Sitting water naturally attracts roots, which enter through seams, cracks, and holes, enlarging those openings as they grow. Tree roots may grow hundreds of feet if they detect the presence of water. Even the smallest of cracks provides an entry for tree roots.
  • Pipe corrosion. Iron pipes last for about 15 to 20 years. After that, they will rust and disintegrate.
  • Movement of earth around or beneath the pipe. The earth around the sewer line provides support. Sinking or moving earth will place stress on the sewer line it cannot bear, leading to cracks and leaks.

A Fresh Approach to Sewer Line Repair

Looking for an honest, experienced company to tackle that sewer line repair in Martinsville, IN? Look no further than Mister Quik, a family-owned business that pays attention to the details that matter. Our upfront pricing means no unwelcome surprises. We require background checks for all employees for the safety and peace of mind of our customers. We guarantee quality craftsmanship and an exceptional customer experience.

Our Approach to Sewer Line Repairs

We take a comprehensive approach to sewer line repair services at Mister Quik and never cut corners. Our experienced technicians will test all sewer lines to accurately locate and diagnose the problem. We keep a full inventory of tools and equipment on hand to complete your job quickly.

Mister Quik Methods

Our team is trained and experienced in clearing sewer line clogs using hydro-jetting. This technique eliminates blockages and simultaneously clears any accumulated build-up on pipe walls. Mister Quik will use traditional excavation techniques when they are the most efficient repair available.

Schedule Your Professional Sewer Line Repair in Martinsville, IN

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced technicians is only a phone call away when you need sewer line repair. Our professional staff is passionate about their work, and that passion is demonstrated by consistent quality and efficiency. Sewer lines do not repair themselves!

Call us or schedule your appointment online. After an evaluation, the technician will provide you with a free estimate. Once you approve an estimate, repairs begin immediately. Contact Mister Quik today for fast, efficient, and quality service in Martinsville, IN.