Most people take plumbing for granted until something goes wrong with the system. When your home’s plumbing system stops functioning, it quickly reminds you of its importance in your daily life. Unfortunately, plumbing malfunctions are unpredictable. They can occur even at the weirdest hour, and the severity can range from minor to a catastrophe.

Fortunately, you can prevent most plumbing malfunctions through proper maintenance. However, you cannot entirely avoid plumbing repair in Martinsville. We analyze some common plumbing problems you are likely to encounter in the Martinsville area. You can also read through to discover ways to prepare against these potential plumbing problems.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains and pipes are among the most common plumbing issues that homeowners in Martinsville face. Problems with clogged drains can be dangerous and costly. That’s why you need professional help whenever your drain clogs. Some common causes of blocked drains at home may include:

Preventing clogged drains can save you a lot of money. You can avoid it by watching out for what goes down your kitchen drains or your toilet and bathroom drains. However, sometimes items like hair sneak through your bathroom drain and accumulate over time. In that case, consult a professional to help with major clogs.


Leaks can damage your home, waste gallons of water, and encourage unwanted organic growth like mold. Unfortunately, you may not know if a plumbing fixture in your home is leaking because most pipework is hidden. Look out for these everyday situations that cause leaks:

Even minor leaks can quickly cause severe structural damage or increase your water bill. You must call a professional for assistance immediately if you notice a leak. Otherwise, you might risk costly plumbing repairs.

Low Water Pressure Issues

Water pressure issues at home can manifest in different ways. However, the bottom line is that they can be annoying. Your showerhead might not give you the usual strong spray, or your bathtub or sink may take longer than expected to fill. Also, your dishwasher or washing machine may take forever to run a cycle.

Low water pressure is often a sign that you need a major plumbing repair. Things like clogs and leaks can tamper with your home’s water pressure. Low water pressure is a telltale sign of a much-needed plumbing repair in Martinsville.

Hard Water

Martinsville is famous for several good things. However, most homes in Martinsville face hard water challenges. Water with a high concentration of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium can pose a challenge to your home’s plumbing fixtures and appliances.

Hard water is safe for human consumption but not for your plumbing. The minerals dissolved in hard water accumulate over time to form a deposit scale that clogs your plumbing. When soap interacts with the dissolved minerals in hard water, they cause clogs. It can even corrode pipes over time.

Damaged Sewer Lines

Most Martinsville homes depend on sewer lines to transport waste products from their houses. Unfortunately, most homeowners rarely think about their sewer lines because they are underneath until they block or get damaged. A broken sewer line can quickly develop into a major plumbing problem and affect several homeowners in your neighborhood. Several things can damage your sewer lines, such as:

Hot Water Problems

The last thing you want to deal with during the chilly winter months in Martinsville is a water heater that doesn’t produce hot water. A hot water shower can warm you up during the cold water. You might notice a lack of enough hot water after your roommate or spouse showers. However, you need professional help if the problem persists. Lack of hot water may not be an emergency plumbing problem, but it can cause inconveniences.


Besides the May flowers that April showers bring to Martinsville homeowners, they can also cause flooded basements. Fortunately, you can protect your home from flooding by installing a sump pump. You need a professional to help install the device at the lowest point of your home, like the crawl space or basement.

Have a Trustworthy Plumber on Dial

A trustworthy plumber is a necessary resource when faced with an emergency plumbing situation. You might not make good decisions when in distress due to a clogged drain or flooded basement. Therefore, have the contacts of a professional in case you require a plumbing repair in Martinsville.

Trust Mister Quick to Fix Your Plumbing Repairs in Martinsville

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