Imagine the first chilly morning in fall in your Martinsville home when you turn on your heating unit.  Your home’s heating system has been dormant for months. Therefore, you smell the dormancy once you switch it on as the dust and dirt particles in your air ducts and the heating components begin to burn.

The smell reminds you that the HVAC system harbors dust. That’s why it’s wise to consider installing an HVAC ultraviolet light in your Martinsville home. If you want to keep your home comfortable, then consider making this investment.

Benefits of Installing an HVAC UV Light 

Unfortunately, HVAC systems can also circulate allergens and debris into your indoor air. That’s why ultraviolet lights come in to eliminate carbon-based debris and enhance your HVAC’s efficiency. UV devices have various benefits to your HVAC, like keeping flu and cold germs at bay. Suppose you are a Martinsville resident and concerned about your indoors’ air quality. Here are more benefits of adding UV light to your HVAC system.

Improved Health

Mold spores, dust, and other inappropriate matter can circulate through your HVAC system and into air vents and ducts, then into your home. Consequently, it compromises indoor air quality. Individuals with compromised health, asthma, and allergens or have suppressed immunity can significantly benefit from an HVAC UV light installation in Martinsville. Installation of UV light removes mold, dust, and other particulate matter before getting into the indoor air. What’s the result? Improved health!

Improved Energy Efficiency

Another primary reason or advantage of installing UV light to your HVAC system is for enhanced energy efficiency. It can improve energy efficiency by close to 35 percent, translating to huge savings on your energy bill. The UV lighting restores your home’s HVAC system’s performance to optimal levels, lowering its power consumption and assisting in functioning as a new system. A UV light works at the source to eliminate foreign items before getting into the HVAC system, using less energy. Considering that HVAC systems are a significant contributor to the total energy use in Martinsville’s home, you can realize the significant savings the UV device can bring to your home.

Improved Air Quality

It might be challenging to detect poor indoor air quality. In reality, most of us breathe less-than-ideal air not only outdoors but also inside our Martinsville homes. Most people don’t know that indoor air quality can sometimes be more polluted than the air outdoors. If you need to improve your home’s air quality, it could be time to consider an HVAC UV light installation. The light enhances air quality by preventing mold, dust, and dirt particles from getting into the HVAC system. The other benefit of this installation is that the UV light eliminates odor molecules, making your home smell better than before.

HVAC UV Light System Installation 

The best part about an HVAC UV light system installation is that it’s an easy process that doesn’t take much time. You can start the installation process by calling Mister Quik Home Services for consultation. You can count on Mister Quik for the best materials for all our HVAC services. The system we install in your HVAC ducts is effective, and it begins to work as soon as we complete the installation process. To help you breathe easier.

UV lights have existed for several years now. Historically, the lights were in use since 1903, when a doctor won the Nobel Prize for Science after using UV lights to treat skin infections. The lights are also used to disinfect grocery stores, office buildings, and hospitals. UV lights have, over the years, been proven to eliminate contaminants like the E. coli bacteria and Norwalk virus.

HVAC UV light installation in Martinsville works by sterilizing air before it gets into your home so that you breathe 99 percent free of contaminants that cannot affect your health. The good news is that UV light systems are safe. Some UV light forms can be harmful to human organisms, just as the sun’s UV rays can cause sunburns. The UV system connects with the electromagnetic radiation power to kill the harmful bacteria in your home’s air.

Trustworthy HVAC UV Light Installation in Martinsville

Mister Quik is dedicated to making your life easier and improving your health. We have trained and experienced staff in both HVAC systems and air quality assessments. We are your go-to company for all your heating, cooling, and air purification needs.

Get in touch with Mister Quik today to handle your HVAC UV light in Martinsville. We offer a variety of design options to meet our client’s varying needs. Moreover, we have the most competitive pricing, and we promise to improve your indoor air quality.