Maintaining indoor air quality is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. This is particularly true in the COVID era, with so many spending increased time indoors. While indoor air quality is especially vital for sensitive populations, including the elderly or individuals with allergies, improving home air quality makes the indoors healthier and more comfortable for all.

A logical first step to improving air quality is the installation of a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system, which captures nearly all particulate matter in the air. Such systems use replaceable filters. Mister Quik will gladly assist with HEPA filter replacement in Martinsville, IN, installing the new and disposing of the old.

Air Filtration and Air Quality

The EPA estimates Americans spend nearly 90% of their time indoors; that number is even higher for the young, the elderly, the infirm, and those working from home. Favorable indoor air quality is therefore critical for good health.

The most common airborne pollutants in the home are “particulates”, including dust, pollen, and other powerful allergens. These particulates are the most common cause of degraded indoor air quality and consequent poor health. Fortunately, technology exists to remove nearly all particulates from the air. HEPA filters are the most effective of these technologies.

Air Filtration Technology

Homeowners with forced-air HVAC systems should equip them with air filtration. The simplest and most common filtration systems use physical filters to screen and capture particulates. The HVAC industry measures filter effectiveness using the “minimum efficiency reporting value” (MERV) standard. The higher the MERV, the more particulates the filter will catch, and the cleaner will be the indoor air. All air filtration systems require periodic cleaning or replacement to function properly.

Many homes still use first-generation filters that are 1″ thick. These filters typically have a MERV rating of 5-9 microns, meaning they will capture only the largest particulates. Smaller particles will continue to circulate, including dust, pollen, mold spores, and other contaminants.

What Is Hepa Technology

The Environmental Protection Agency defines HEPA as “… a type of pleated mechanical air filter.” HEPA is an acronym for High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter, which can theoretically remove from the air at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns. HEPA filters are typically 4″ thick.

Unlike standard 1″ filters, HEPA filters are modern technology. Because of their superior filtration, HEPA technology was first used in hospitals and labs. As the technology became more affordable it found its way into residences. These are the most effective filters available today.

Why You May Need a HEPA Air Filter

Installing a New HEPA Filtration System in an Existing System

Homeowners considering adding a HEPA device to an existing HVAC system should consider two factors. First, because HEPA filters are thicker, the current HVAC system may require modification to accommodate the HEPA filter. Second, because HEPA filters are denser, it is more difficult for air to pass through them, even when they are clean. It is critical to ensure that the existing HVAC blower system can meet these additional demands.

Replacing HEPA Filters is Essential Home Maintenance

Replacing air filters routinely is a critical aspect of home maintenance. Clogged filters place additional and unnecessary strain on the HVAC system by obstructing airflow, while also permitting more particulates to pass through.

HEPA filter replacement in Martinsville, IN will reduce this strain and extend the life of the system. Regularly changing the air filter will also improve HVAC efficiency. A clean filter allows the appliances to more efficiently cool or heats the home, saving money on utility bills.

However, the greatest benefit is indoor air quality improvement, enhancing health, comfort, and quality of life.

Reliable HVAC Professionals for HEPA Filter Replacement in Martinsville, IN

HEPA filters must be replaced regularly, and that task is best handled by professional HVAC technicians from Mister Quik. If you have questions about HEPA filter replacement in Martinsville, IN, or if you are ready to schedule filter replacement, contact the experts at Mister Quik Home Services. Our experienced, trained technicians will change the filter fast so that all breathe easier.