The goal of operating the heating and cooling unit in your home is to make it as efficient as possible. Doing so helps to reduce energy bills in your house and is also eco-friendly. Although the most effective way of keeping your utility bills on the lower side is to maintain your heating and cooling system, sealing ducts will also help.

When you visit us as Mister Quik Home Services for duct sealing in Martinsville, we will ensure the ducts are not allowing conditioned air to escape. Our experienced technicians understand what it takes to fix leaks along in the ductwork. We’re proud of our high-quality customer service, which is why we don’t consider the job complete if you are unhappy with our team’s work.

What Is Duct Sealing?

Your home’s ductwork moves warm and cool air throughout your house. The system is connected to the air conditioner or the furnace. As air goes through the ducts, there is a chance that it will lose some minimal amount of conditioned air naturally. However, most cool or warm air remains inside the ducts and exits only via the register at the duct’s end.

When there is a leak, you might lose a lot of cooled or heated air before it gets to the register. When this happens, your HVAC system must work harder to maintain the comfort level you desire. The leaks might also cause the house’s rooms to get cooler or warmer than you would want them to be.

When sealing leaks in the ducts, you will eliminate air loss and ensure the air passes where you want it to without unnecessarily heating or cooling other rooms. Although you can attempt to locate the leaks and seal them without any professional assistance, that is not advisable. Using duct tape means you may not find every leak along the duct’s length. Duct tape also fails quickly, meaning you will experience the same problem sooner or later.

How Does Duct Sealing In Martinsville Work?

A while ago, the best solution for sealing leaks in the vents was using duct mastic. The material was thick and sticky and hardened when placed on gaps and allowed to dry. Thanks to the plumbing industry’s advancements, Mister Quik now uses Aeroseal for duct sealing in Martinsville.

Before the technicians seal your ducts, those ducts should be cleaned by experts at Mister Quick. When the sealing job is completed, they will seal the registers and perform a diagnostic test to look for any leaks in your piping system.

After checking for leaks, the Mister Quick experts will seal any air conditioner coils, the furnace, and fans to prevent Aeroseal from contaminating the systems. The material will then be introduced into the duct system. The circulating air inside the system helps distribute the liquid throughout the ducts. It is here that it settles in holes and cracks to form a permanent seal.

The entire sealing process is completed within a few hours, and not much cleaning is required afterward. Once the technicians are done, you will notice an immediate improvement in your home’s cooling and heating system. You will also pay lower utility bills.

Increased Comfort

With the ducts sealed up, you will lose less cool or warm air into the ceilings or walls of your home. That way, you will easily control your home’s temperatures better. It also implies that you will have an easy time maintaining comfortable temperatures within your property, including managing the humidity levels.

Improved Air Quality

When there are leaks in the vents, the air particulates like spores, mold, dust, pet dander, pollen, dirt, and other pollutants don’t pass through the air filters. Instead, they enter ducts via leaks or accumulate on the duct walls because of insufficient air pressure. The leaks could also bring in other particles from outside.

Lower Utility Bills

Apart from the extra costs from air entering through the leaks, there are also some hidden expenses for your HVAC system, including unnecessary future repairs. You will save these costs when you seal the holes. The furnace and AC aren’t overworked, meaning that you will save lots of cash.

HVAC Experts Near You

Now that you are ready to schedule your duct sealing appointment in Martinsville, call the professionals at Mister Quik home services. They will arrange to have a technician come to your house and eliminate the leaks.