Until a problem arises, most people never think about their dryer or the dryer vent. Most people focus on getting the clothes washed, dried, folded, and put away but never think about the regular maintenance that should be involved with owning a dryer. Regular dryer vent maintenance is required to prevent clogs and dryer-related fires.

Property owners in Martinsville, IN, have a great resource that is just a phone call away. This resource is Mister Quik Home Services. Mister Quik’s technicians are expertly trained, highly experienced, and insured. Our team has the skills needed and the required equipment to clean the dryer vent quickly and completely. Calling Mister Quik also saves homeowners a lot of time and hassle.

Dryer Vents Should Be Cleaned Every Year

Many dryer owners are unaware that their dryer vent requires regular professional cleaning. The rule of thumb is to have the dryer vent cleaned at least once a year. The once-a-year rule applies to almost everyone, including those who rarely use the dryer.

Who does the once-a-year rule not apply to? Those who use their laundry more frequently than the average person needs to have their dryer vent cleaned more often than once a year. Not to worry, though, as Mister Quik can come out on a schedule that fits your needs.

The Signs That It Is Time for a Dryer Vent Cleaning

There are telltale signs that a dryer may need to have the vent cleaned. If the clothes take longer to dry than normal, the vent may be clogged. If the clothes come out of the dryer and they are almost too hot to carry, this can be a sign that there is a problem.

If the top of the dryer is very hot, this can be a sign that the dryer needs to be serviced. Lastly, if the exterior vent flapper does not open all the way, the vent needs to be professionally cleaned. If a homeowner notices any of these signs, the vent is likely clogged.

Do not continue to use the dryer, as this can make the problem worse. A dryer can also catch fire, so it is important to have it serviced before continuing to dry laundry. Call Mister Quik today and get back to doing laundry tomorrow!

The Dryer Vent Cleaning Process

Every time a person does a load of laundry, they need to empty the lint trap. The lint trap is typically where the problem starts. The lint will get sucked down into the dryer vent and cause a clog. Unfortunately, even people that constantly clean their lint trap can end up with a dirty dryer vent.

Many homeowners assume they can clean the dryer vent on their own. This is partially true, but the homeowner will only reach so far into the dryer vent. Mister Quik’s technicians have the tools needed to get the duct completely clean.

How does the technician work their dryer vent cleaning magic? The technician will use a flexible, rotating brush and a vent vacuum. Using these tools, the technician can clean the vent’s entire length, not just what the human arm can reach. Once the vent is clean, the technician will use a digital airflow meter to ensure that the dryer duct is completely cleaned.

The Importance of a Clean Dryer Vent

Why is it important to have a clean dryer vent? It is a true but scary fact that more than 15,000 fires are started every year due to dirty dryer vents. A clean dryer vent can keep a homeowner from becoming a scary statistic. The following are also the benefits of having a clean dryer vent.

Clothes Dry Faster

A dirty vent causes a dryer to work harder and work longer to dry a load of clothes. No one likes spending the day waiting on their clothes to dry. A clean vent saves money, time, and electricity.

Dirty Dryer Vent Eat Electricity

A dryer with a dirty vent eats electricity when it has to work longer and harder to dry the clothes. A dryer that uses more electricity costs more money in electric bills. Save money and electricity by keeping the dryer vent clean.

Clean Dryer Vents Can Prevent a Dryer Breakdown

A dryer that has to work overtime to do its job is more likely to break down. A clean and well-maintained dryer will work better than a dirty dryer. Keeping the vent clean could prevent a machine meltdown.

Dryer May Last Longer

A dryer that is well cared for will have a longer life than a dryer with a dirty vent. Dryers are expensive, so people must clean their dryers regularly to extend the life. By taking care of the dryer, the dryer will thank the homeowner for lasting longer.

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